Shocking:Girls assaulted in Mangalore pub

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Bad to the bone

This is indeed shocking. I have seen images of goons hitting women. This is so bad that I falling short of words and am seething with anger.

I mean we are in 2009, time and again we see these self-appointed zealots unleashing such deplorable acts of violence. What is even more shocking is CM, Mr. Yediruppa, is yet to give a statement. With great hope people of Karnataka voted for a stable government and this what we are getting, an impotent government.The country is sure going to dogs.:mad:


yup completely inexplicable act that was !!

these Sri Ram Sena, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike are all the karnataka/kannada versions of MNS/Shiv Sena etc.... all and i mean ALL of them have to be dealt with with an iron fist !


Tribal Boy
When I met NucleusKore months back, he pointed a couple sitting together in the CCD and asked me whether sitting together like that is allowed in Kerala. He explained telling me, nowadays the so called 'Moral Police' in Mangalore is not allowing even that sometime ! I mean they punish the couple if it is a public park or places like that !!

What is wrong with them if girls want to go to Pubs ? If they do not want to go to pubs, don't go. Why punishing girls in a brutal way ? :mad:

These guys should be made to sit on the 'hot Dosa stone' with their pants down for 15 mins ;)
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