1. The Conqueror

    Sangli-Miraj Curfew,Dangal,Riots,Fights...!!

    * Watch it...whatz happening ? For those who don't know since the last week there is big tension for citizens of sangli and miraj (I live in Sangli) Sept 2 According to police, one of the communities had put up a welcome arch showcasing an event...
  2. amitabhishek

    Shocking:Girls assaulted in Mangalore pub

    Source This is indeed shocking. I have seen images of goons hitting women. This is so bad that I falling short of words and am seething with anger. I mean we are in 2009, time and again we see these self-appointed zealots unleashing such deplorable acts of violence. What is even more...
  3. praka123

    "FITNA" released by dutch MP

    Dutch Film Against Islam Is Released on Internet By GREGORY CROUCH Published: March 28, 2008 NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands — The anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders on Thursday released on the Internet his highly charged and much-anticipated anti-Koran film, which matches...
  4. M

    VHP attacks churches in Orissa towns, curfew imposed

    It's been a dark Christmas in parts of Orissa, from where there are reports of churches being vandalised by VHP activists.One person has been killed and at least 24 have been injured in the violence. The violence occurred during a VHP-sponsored bandh in Kandhamala district. Curfew has been...
  5. A


    I am geting a problem in WW The movie clips in between the game run very slowly but the game runs very well. Also I am able to play two thrones very easily with high settings.But I want to paly WW bcause of more violence and aggression and less stealth. my PC Config. is P4 2.4 512 mb ram...
  6. gary4gar

    10 Games to Keep Your Child Away From

    Edit: FatBeing REAL source: Violence in games is perhaps as old as games themselves and is the vein of the action genre. Some games add it to enhance the gaming experience while some merely add it for shock value. In the past few years the media has blown violence in games out...
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