1. B

    FIle upload/download in asp

    Hello. I am completely new to .NET. My project is to have a web page in which you can upload a file. Once the path of the file is specified, the file has to be uploaded onto a hard disk on a remote computer that acts as the server. Once uploaded, I should be able to download the file. Any ideas...
  2. amitabhishek

    Shocking:Girls assaulted in Mangalore pub

    Source This is indeed shocking. I have seen images of goons hitting women. This is so bad that I falling short of words and am seething with anger. I mean we are in 2009, time and again we see these self-appointed zealots unleashing such deplorable acts of violence. What is even more...
  3. M

    keyboard problem-simple one

    my keyboard acts wierdly since i got a internet connection..... so is it a hardware problem or a software problem..whn i press 'Esc' it does both 'its own function' and also 'my computer comes up' and when i press key 'a' then the it acts as the windows key and the start menu in taskbar is...
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