1. sandeepkochhar

    Shocking !!! Motorola Sales Unit Closed in India

    Mobile phone maker Motorola has decided to close down its distribution division in India, owing to tumbling sales and aggressive competition. Distribution activities are now likely to be carried out from its Singapore offices. Source:-...
  2. amitabhishek

    Shocking:Girls assaulted in Mangalore pub

    Source This is indeed shocking. I have seen images of goons hitting women. This is so bad that I falling short of words and am seething with anger. I mean we are in 2009, time and again we see these self-appointed zealots unleashing such deplorable acts of violence. What is even more...
  3. A

    This is shocking!! You have to see this

    Go to and see what happens. This is really shocking.
  4. Vyasram

    'Shocking' Problem In Cabinet

    I have amd pc with an ibox cabinet with a vip 500w PS , yesterday onwards my cabinet is shocking with mild voltages. What's the problem ? Does this affect the computer parts ? Please help :roll:
  5. godsownman

    Live Products

    Hi, Today I was trying Windows Live favourites and I noticed something shocking. * I tried it on the following browsers, 1. Opera 8.5 2. IE 6.0 3. Firefox Deer Park It worked ONLY in Deer Park. I know I myself find it shocking and thats what I would...
  6. pirates1323

    Can anyone believe this

    In my 48 KBPS connection I get this speed nowdays daily......... Shocking naa :twisted: :D :) :shock:
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