1. I

    I think all my appliances are getting too hot :S Help!

    Hi all! I'm based in Delhi and for the past few months it seems that all the major electrical appliances in my house seem to be getting too hot. I just touched the side of my old samsung fridge and it was really hot. There were some areas where I couldn't even touch it for more than 5...
  2. C

    Online Stores to buy PC components from

    Sometimes online shopping can be really cheaper than local buying. So what online sites do you know/have bought from. A good collection of links together will help me not to dig too deep in FF's history as well. Here are the regular ones. Please add any other trustworthy ones Online Shopping...
  3. P

    Confused about the uses of a UPS

    hi...I am going to buy a 1KVA or 800VA UPS from APC,,,,My mother is willing to pay the money but she says that is the UPS useful when the lights go OFF in other home appliances other than PC....if it is she will pay the money....please help me out...I don't know about that...Thanks in Advance....
  4. sanny16

    does spike guard or spike protector really protect the appliances

    can they protect the laptop and other appliances from high voltage fluctuation? If yes which are the best protector available in the market. I want to know how it works. Should i install spike guard for every electronic appliances?
  5. sanithkk81

    Best Online buying sites for computers and other electronics items like TV

    Suggest Online buying sites for computers and other electronics items like TV Can anyone suggests me websites for buying computer parts and electronics appliances like TV, Fridge, Washing Machines etc of popular brands?
  6. Z

    Lol, might be an odd request but

    Is there any forum like this that reviews home appliances like tvs, washing machines and things like that? Just curious.
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