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Get Comodo Mobile on Android. Comes with bunch of indispensable utilities.

Here are the Apps I use:
Google Authenticator
Sandisk Memory Zone
Adblock Plus
My Tracks
Comodo Mobile


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My SGS has stopped updating apps.
Now 4.2.1 custom ROM (HB2 Franzy build 24).

Well, it was running on DMod ROM prior to that (4.1.2) and one (not- so) fine day it stopped updating apps. I tried to find a solution in web and it seems its still a mistry to google. Flashed this 4.2.1 expecting that might solve the issue...but my bad lauck......still same.

Anyone else this issue? If you resolved , what did you do?


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First post ur battery usage screen shot as well as screen on time screen shot too.
Also since ur phone is new do a regular charging and discharging cycle to train ur battery. 0% to 100% and 100% to 10% or so then charge. Please do take a backup of everything and factory restore once then continue with ur cycle.

my batt screenshots



Is this normal...the last part i switched off data usage or usage also seems to be consuming a lot of battery...


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my batt screenshots
Is this normal...the last part i switched off data usage or usage also seems to be consuming a lot of battery...

looking @ ur screens I noticed:

Ur mobile network is very unstable, why drains more battery to find the signal back. Also since ur data is also enabled which doubles the drainage

U could notice u have more awake time than screen on time.

The awake thing on ur screen means something is running in background i.e., ur processor is doing some work in background.

Go to settings -> Apps/Application -> Go to running tab and see which is running in background unnecessarily and close them manually. I think u dont close ur apps, u r just clicking ur home button.
Any idea when Micromax A116 is coming out in market?? yesterday i got a link about this Canvas series phone but didn't able to get any info about its launch.


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yes..but even if i turn it off google automatically uploads my gallery pics to my gmail account...:|

You can select which things to sync from settings. But if its syncing even when its turned off, that could be a bug of your ROM!


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I'm currently using Galaxy Y duos. One problem I'm facing is that, no matter what browser I use, after I minimise it (intentionally or system interruption like call), all the open tabs are closed or start reloading. This is no way sign of true multi-tasking. :|


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hey have a question, is there a task manager that requires no set up, but automatically stops older apps as and when you start newer apps ? searched and got too many options, but they just seem to be task killers, instead of something automatic. need for nexus 7
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