1. wewe

    Google Has Stopped Indexing Blog

    Hi, 1.] for the past month i noticed that Google has stopped indexing my Blog, despite updating it with regular writings. 2.] Logged into Google Webmaster Console & found that some recent posts were showing Redirect errors. No action from my end prior to this, AFAIK. 3.] Did a link check &...
  2. M

    What are the best mobile apps you have used?

    Here is my list. 1. Inshorts to read news quickly. * 2. Google Search for searching anything * 3. 1 Weather for weather updates...
  3. Vyom

    When two giants fight: Google and Amazon, result is we don't get Youtube?

    I bought a firestick for my family few months back. It's used almost exclusively to watch Youtube videos by my dad, who would have no other option to do that once Google pulls out support for Youtube on Amazon's fire stick. This article explains the reasons: Source: Google is pulling YouTube...
  4. ILoveTech

    Google’s advertising revenue up 18% to $23 billion

    EPS dropped to $5.01 from $7 last year, despite a 21% rise in revenues. There was a 52% annual growth in aggregate paid clicks, while aggregate cost-per-click dropped 23%. Alphabet’s Other Bets division remained in a loss.
  5. patkim

    Why Google captcha is aggressive when it detects TOR Exit Node!

    Sometimes I use TOR to browse the net. Usual browsing is okay but whenever I attempt to register on some site that requires Google captcha verification, it throws at least 15 - 20 repeated captcha image slides before verification is thru. Usually it just takes one correctly solved captcha...
  6. patkim

    Chrome taking me to instead of

    Since today when I access google in Chrome it's taking me to instead of Internet explorer is fine. Note that I am not typing \NCR followed by What could be the issue and is there any way I can redirect Chrome & Google to by default search from
  7. nac

    All sites are down, except digit forum

    For the last few days, net is little slow. Yesterday, there were so many "Server not found" after few tries, they will load (including google) Now everything is down except digit forum. No youtube, skype, google, and tried more than a dozen sites I bookmarked, nothing works. Read an article...
  8. J

    What is the reason why Google is tackling fake news, and why it should not do it alone?

    Hi According to the recent update google is removing the fake news. What are the ways Google can deal with fake news. How t can be done?
  9. zegulas

    Google Nexus 7 first generation battery

    Hi guys, Where can I get a battery for my Google Nexus 7 first generation (ASUS), preferably online. I saw one on, but I don't know if I should go for that one.
  10. F

    Cheapest Way to buy Google Play Cards/In Game Items in Lords Mobile??

    Hi, I heard there are massive discounts available... Any1 who has come across any such thing can you PM me or share details on how to obtain Google play money cheaper
  11. J

    What are the effects of Google Penguin 4.0 major update on website?

    Hi Google said that it has completely roll out the Penguin 4.0 update. What are the changes that can be seen on website which are effected with this update?
  12. D

    Google Pixel

    Google Pixel price 50k+. Anyone buying it? Looks like another iphone in the making considering the price tag.
  13. S

    Google Custom Search Malware?

    Hi all, Offlate I have observed that whenever I am searching anything in my Firefox search window, the search redirects to Google Custom Search ( Some sites on the internet say that it is a malware. When I am changing my settings from "use system proxy settings" to "no proxy" I...
  14. J

    Open source cmdline utilities for the community

    Hi, Just wanted to share some of my open source utilities with the community: * Buku: Powerful command-line bookmark manager * googler: Google Search, Google Site Search, Google News from the terminal * imgd: Multiprocessing batch image resizer and rotator * dslib: Academic C data structures...
  15. Tenida

    Android TV box or chromecast for TV?

    I bought a new non-smart Sanyo 43'' Inch TV recently from Amazon. And now I want to cast the digital content to the TV like youtube and other stuffs. Is the Google Chromecast 2 is a worthy buy? Or any good android TV box is available? Please suggest.
  16. B

    [APP][4.1+] ExtraTorrent - Download torrent 2 times faster - Help us to Test

    ExtraTorrentz allows you to find your torrent files on your Android device faster & easier than ever before! Google play store link : Extra Torrent – Android Apps on Google Pla · Light weight & simple UI · Upload and seed your torrents directly from your mobile device · No upload or...
  17. ShankJ

    Redmi Mi Note Pro - language problem..

    I recently got a new Mi Note Pro for my dad from China.. The phone is just awesome, the feel, build and camera quality are just perfect but the thing that i did not know is that since it has not been out for global release, many of the internal (pre-loaded apps) are in Chinese.. I tried changing...
  18. B

    Google play store not working

    Hi Guys, I am using GT-S7262 with Android v4.1.2 . The phone is not rooted. Last month Google Play stopped working all of a sudden. Whenever I used to open it, I would get an error cannot connect to internet. After sometime the error changed to Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01...
  19. BakBob

    Google Play Card Questions

    I'm planning on purchasing Google Play cards. I want to know the following before committing to a purchase. When I buy from snap deal, are the cards actually physically delivered or are they emailed? How much wallet amount does the card give. I'm referring to these cards BTW : Buy...
  20. N

    Huawei Google Nexus 6P – First Impressions Review

    Google’s Nexus devices have always strived to be the epitome of technological expertise and finesse. However, in the eyes of the modern day smart-phone user, the brand has sometimes not quite lived upto its expectations. But that seems to have changed this time around with the all new Nexus 6P...
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