1. SaiyanGoku

    HTC exits Indian smartphone market

    Source: HTC exits Indian smartphone market One less OEM with overpriced entry level phones?
  2. A

    Which Phone from these 3 brands ??

    1. Budget 10 to 15 k 2. Display type and size 5 to 5.5 3. Dual sim Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand HTC,Sony,LG(as other brands do not have service centres here in Muzaffarnagar) 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera) both 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS...
  3. T

    Thoughts on HTC Desire EYE

    I am thinking about having a HTC One Desire EYE. I like the style of this phone and I am a selfie freak person. Will it be a good option for me?
  4. RCuber

    20K Phone for Dad

    Hello Guys, My parents anniversary is coming up this month and I want to give a phone for him. i'm avoiding OnePlus One as there are two at home, and I want to avoid OPT for the moment for my dad (and no invites available). Considering Mi4 64 Gig and HTC 820S but my colleague who has one...
  5. nac

    Help: HTC Explorer

    Dropped the phone and now it's touch (cracked) is not working. I can able to turn ON/OFF the mobile. HTC sync is also not working. PC is not detecting the device (I guess I am using the right version 3.3.63). I am trying to back up the contacts, messages and all. Any help would be appreciated...
  6. dan4u

    Need to Buy a Mobile and Tablet; total budget 45k

    Requirements for Mobile:- 1. Budget: 25-30k 2. Display type and size:5"-5.7" 3. Dual sim: not necessary 4. Preferred choice of brand: Htc, samsung, LG, sony,Motorola, oneplus etc 5. What camera option you want: Any decent camera 6. Preferred operating system: Android 7. Preferred...
  7. V

    LG G3 vs Xperia Z3 vs HTC One E9+

    Mobile under 30k Budget : 30k (32k max) Display: Not more than 5.5 inch Dual Sim : Not Necessary Operating System: Android Primary use of hansdet: FB,Whatsapp,Camera,Gaming,Media Specific mobiles in consideration : HTC One E9+ , Xperia Z3 , LG G3, One plus Two (ready to wait until its launch)
  8. J

    which mobile is best in range of 15000 to 20000?

    Samsung Galaxy E7: Rs.16,490 Xiaomi Mi4: Rs.16,490 HTC Desire 820: Rs.18,445 HTC Desire 816G (2015): Rs.15,754
  9. Zangetsu

    Issues in my Android devices

    I hope this is the right section for posting. Ok, so let me give u the details. I own One Plus One and HTC One V Android smartphones OS I use on desktop is Windows 8.1 Problem#1: my HTC One V is 3yr old now so is giving me battery problems...thought of installing custom ROM as it was already...
  10. M

    Mobile for dad

    I am looking for mobile as my dad's birthday gift and so need your help... 1. Budget: 25k 2. Display type and size: Size - preferred around 5". Type: not particular 3. Dual sim: Not needed 4. Preferred choice of brand: Samsung, Sony, Asus, LG, HTC 5. What camera option you want (flash...
  11. G

    Need an android mobile with good camera; ~20K

    Hi, Planning to buy a new cell phone with budget around 20,000. Can you guys suggest some.. OS: 20k Screen size: 4.3" - 5.0" Preferred Brand: HTC, Motorola, Samsung Dual Sim: Yes if I can Key features required: Good camera (might be OIS), Good look and lag-free processing Primary...
  12. $hadow

    HTC one M9 announced at MWC

    Source: This is the HTC One M9
  13. S

    HTC one m8 vs HTC one m8 eye

    Finally,after so much searching & waiting i have finalized these 2 models,but i need your help as which one too go for M8 or M8 eye.Also,in some website HTC one m8 is out of stock.Is production has been stopped or not? There is also some price diff.for M8 some selling for above 45k & some...
  14. S

    Phone for 15K for Mom.

    1. Budget? - 15K 2. Display type and size? - 5 inch 4. Preferred choice of brand? - Nokia, Motorola, Htc, Sony 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc). - Windows or Android 8. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, internet, gaming etc)? - Calls...
  15. Charley

    Phones under 25,000

    I have HTC desire 816 and want to buy another one. What do you suggest?
  16. mikael_schiffer

    How is HTC still surviving?? Who is buying their products?? Illuminati??

    I just read the news about HTC earning some profit this year. If you ask me, this Taiwanese "Apple-Wannabe" company needs to die !! I cant believe people are actually buying HTC products. I can understand iSheeps. For them their devices add to their status symbols, but HTC...its just plain...
  17. E

    [Shamesung] Burnt Galaxy S4 owner gets offered a new One M8 by HTC

    Now that's like giving a whole new meaning to Shamesung or in SaiyanGoku's words, Samdung
  18. A

    Exynos 5422 vs Snapdragon 801

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE was recently launched in India at a price of 50K.This phone is the Snapdragon variant and hence supports LTE. The Exynos variant of the Galaxy S5 is already available in the market for 35K. Now this phone is on my "To consider" list and I was wondering about, what...
  19. Charley

    Mobiles below 25,000

    I think the best phones in 25k and below after doing my research are 1. Sony Xperia T2 2. HTC 816 Please advise. And if you have suggestion post them.
  20. R

    Htc One E8 launched for Rs 35,000 , Htc desire 616 launched for Rs 17,000

    HTC has launched two new smartphones in the Indian market. The first is the HTC One E8, a variant of the flagship One M8, and the second the Desire 616, a mid-range smartphone. The HTC One E8 is priced at ₹34,990 ($580) and the Desire 616 is priced at ₹16,900 ($280). The HTC One E8 is a...
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