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Couple of week back I bought a HTC magic for Rs. 26,000 from a neighborhood retailer. Technically this is my second Android phone the first was a self flashed Openmoko's Freerunner. The piece I have is an imported set from Vodafone UK. In India the same handset is available through Airtel but without Google goodies including Android market [Edit: Firmware update not only enables market but also Sense UI]. This omission is a mystery to me. No one buys a Rs. 27K phone only for making calls and sending SMSs.

This is not a review. But once you power-on the device it's Google all the way. IIt comes pre-loaded with Google maps, Google Chat, Android Market Place, e-mail client. Sooner or later there will be an Android phone for everyone . I will set the ball rolling with lots of pics. So here we go:




Few screenshots:


Looks like I've exceeded the quota of images. Please share your views and thoughts.

Planning to flash new ROM on your phone of the first time? Read this first.
Guide to rooting, hacking flashing your HTC G1 phone (should work for other HTC phones too)

Best hand picked ROMs for HTC Magic (32B versions):
[ROM][BBQ] CyanogenMod-6 for Dream & Magic - V6.0.0 (08/28/2010) - xda-developers
Cyanogen 5.0.7 Beta ROM (Android 2.1)
SuperEclair ROM (Android 2.1)
Cyanogen 1.6 Donut ROM-Final
SuperD 1.6 Donut ROM
Fastest HERO ROM for your HTC Magic

Till next time!!! Bye...
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Hi,Great share!

Newer OS will rule from 2010,Android making fast progress: Cupcake-->Donut-->Eclair-->??

From now onwards,MacOS (iphone) and Android will be 'HOT' for all Mobile Youth!

May be Samsung's "Bada OS" suit us for 'Indianism'

Long Live this thread! I'll try to collect more information and share!


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Android is the Future of Mobile World!

Hero is the best available Android as on date!


hero is better than the iphone cos:
1) multitasking (running several apps at once is useful)

2) open development (no rules for apps so it has more potential than app store and its easier to make an app for android. also it doesnt need approval from anyone)

3) much more customizable than iphone even if u jailbreak it

4) flash support for browser. currently it needs improvement but there r a few games u can play online and watch video from several other sources than just utube. iphone doesnt hv any flash support and wont get it bcos it goes against some of the apps in their store. android will.

5) trackball for better navigation

6) better autocorrect for typing


Happy to note,HTC is planning for a upgrade for HERO:

Android 2.0 is Awesome! Crystal Clear Display!


Growing Market Collekshun:


Amazing Browser with Flash!


Imporved CAm:


Pros & Cons:
Google's apps are simply awesome

Facebook and Exchange integration works pretty well

One of the best mobile browser!


Multiple Google account support somewhat limited

Still kinda sluggish at random intervals

No native way to sync music

Crappy music and video player

MORE TO COME..................................


Bad to the bone
I would love to flash my Donut 1.6 to Eclair 2.0. Help me if you guys have any link.
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Congrats on your your purchase .

How's the battery life ? if you are connected to gmail all day(pull/push whatever ) and say browse for about two hour how long will it last ?

BTW , keep this thread updating .


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Thanks dude!
I am away for my sis's wedding so I am kind of unable to update the thread. Will do it very shortly. Battery life is extremely shoddy probably my only gripe with this phone. With that kind of usage it will last around 8 hours. Thank goodness for min USB port I can charge whenever I can through my comp.


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Nice Thread!

Congrats amitabhishek for your android purchase!

I'm also planning to get one android mobile soon,probably 'htc hero',

I don't know when will 'motorola milestone' or 'se xperia x10' come?

Came across this interesting article,worth sharing:

Thats a nice link...I tried once (I think that ISO was meant for Acer Android laptop) on non touch screen device this experiment was pretty much useless.

BTW just downloaded an app called i Music and wow does it rock!!! :). This is apparently the most popular app. on the Android market. Would recommend Google search for more info.



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Waiting for Motorola Milestone (Droid) or Google's Nexus One to release in India! Android ROCKS!


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Welcome me to Android. Few weeks back purchased Hero from Telus canada for 599$
Its on its way to India. Gud to know I have made the right choice.
First job, to unlock it. Then thinking of upgrading the ROM.


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Please do. And have you found any problems after flashing like any entity not working ?

Will post a tut by this weekend (hopefully).

Everything is working to perfection:smile:. All these ROMs have undergone countless updates so its a fairly finished product. In fact these cooked ROMs are better than the OEM ROMs in terms of battery life and stability. Once you flash you get a rooted device :smile:.

BTW I guess you have an Airtel's version of Magic. Why don't you restart the phone by pressing power+back button together and post the output here. For example mine is:

Sapphire pvt 32b ship s-on g
hboot-1.33.0004 (sapp10000)
apr 9 2009, 23:30:40
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