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Need a phone for around 20-22K. Max 23K


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Hey guys,i'm new to this forum.
K so I'm planning to buying a new phone(starting of next month) and im really confused.
I Was originally planning to buy nokia e7 but its a bit expensive and also everyone is telling me to buy an android phone.

I was thinking e7 cos i Have used only nokia phones(n73,n95,n86) in my life so im used to symbian and now i am really confused cos every1 suggests android.
Shud i switch to android??
My fren suggested htc incredible s (23K)from flipkart and said that its a good phone. what are the disadvantages of this phone?
And wat about nokia e7?? (i really love the CBD screen and QWERTY)

My priorities are-
Music Quality(i have a HD448 and 558 and a headphone amp,music quality shud be atleast equivalent to my N series phones or better :smile: ).This is where im confused abt HTC...Is the sound output(through the 3.5mm) any good? :!:

Reliability(d phone shud last for more than 2 years).Again,is htc reliable?? :!:

The phone shud also be good looking

And the nokia e7,will the price drop to around 23k in the next month?
im really confused.

Betwn I dont want any samsung,lg or motorola phones.Ty.


I'd recommend you HTC Incredible S as well. Overall it is pretty "incredible". You may also like the Sense UI over Symbian's. It is ICS ready as well, so it will get the update pretty soon.

Again, android/symbian, the choice is yours. Symbian is pretty much dead, but it's still the most used phone in the Indian market.

The newer versions of Symbian are good, but it's pretty much getting close to android (not that it is bad). Why not then go for android at the first place?


If you can, then use Android for a while. I should say atleast 2weeks. You will get a know how of whats new and what is missing from the symbian.

Android is in many ways better than Symbian but it is not always going to be a smooth transition.

Android is slick and a definite improvement over the Symbian though.


Go for Android,its much better than that crappy symbian.
Incredible S is a gr8 phone,I haven't found disadvantage or any bad thing in it


Right off the assembly line
Thanks guys:)
Guess its time i mov on from symbian and try android:|
K den,is this incredible s the best android phone for my budget? Or are there better choices than this? (under my budget:!:)

And,can any1 tell mi the quality of the sound output from the 3.5mm jack?(im nt interested in the loudspeaker). I really want 2 knw about this.. Cheers.

red dragon

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As music is a priority,stay away from htc.Even a 2k nokia is better in the music department.
As a matter of fact,except for galaxy s,nexus s and couple of SE phones,all android phones(specially from htc)is junk as music players.
You are better off with a SE android.
I myself will never buy another htc in near future.


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From SE,I only like the Arc and that is out of my budget:sad:...

@red dragon-I see you have the ie8 and galaxy s2....K so how would u describe the htc sound??(through the 3.5mm)...I mean comparing too your S2...If for you s2 is 10/10 how much will you give the HTC?

And is htc reliable? Cos i have never seen any1 using this brand and have never seen an htc phone...I dont want this phone to give up on me after say 1 year...PLis advice ...


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4.5?...ZZzz. Damn,that is really sad...Not buying Htc den..Thanks for the info though..

And Arc still out of budget...Guess i got to buy a nokia again after all:|...

Will wait till first week of November too see if price of Se arc drops otherwise nokia.....Thanks..


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One last suggestion guys...
I have finalised on the Arc:smile: and now I cant choose which colour too choose...AFAIK there are only two colours,midnight blue and silver....

So which colour is better? And is there a black colour?

Can SE arc users advice me on this? Which colour shud I go for?


Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc now just Rs. 23,790. - Sulekha Offers

Arc @ 23790

LG Optimus 2X P990 for just Rs. 23,309. - Sulekha Offers

LG Optimus 2x @ 23390 (ICS update officially announced)

This phone anytime beats the arc in performance. It is one of the 1st dual core mobile to come
Advantages over arc:

Speed/zippy interface (beats it hands down)
ICS (next upgrade of android confirmed)
8GB internal (arc has 320 mb)
More community support
Better graphic processor (better gaming than arc)
Better camera Full HD(1080p) recording in 2x compared to 720p in arc
Gorilla Glass (arc has a scratch resistant glass not a gorilla)
Gyro sensor

Advantages of arc over optimus:
Sony (brand)

I am suggesting you to get a Dual crore for 2x is just coz android is some much more fun with it.
Agreed android can run from 600mhz processor too, but the true fun starts with dual core,
Interface becomes buttery smooth, no lag on opening apps, more efficient Multitasking
HD gaming 1080p recording and a little bit of future proofing
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I've the silver and it looks pretty good. Check pics below.

The blue one is good too. Colour is your personal preference. Check it at a store.
There's no black. The dark blue looks like black anyways.


HTC sound is not that bad....Its decent and I would say its good,yes may be it is not as good when compared to some other devices....I would give it 7or7.5 out of 10


Umm why are you pointing to me. I never even mentioned HTC. Never used one, hence will never talk about them.


Umm why are you pointing to me. I never even mentioned HTC. Never used one, hence will never talk about them.

sorry bro...I think I took some time in posting the message and in between you posted something and I didn't refreshed the page
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