1. sudhir_3193

    cdma phones

    Hey guys, kindly suggest good cdma phone for 2000rs. It should be cdma gsm (dual sim), preferably from Nokia or any reputed brand. Thanks.
  2. S

    Nokia Lumia 520 Flight Mode issue

    Unable to turn off flight mode in Nokia Lumia 520 Tries resetting the phone. Tried software recovery still unable to turn off flight mode.
  3. A

    Brand Survey On Nokia

    Hello Guys, As a part of a rebranding assignment on Nokia, I have created a survey. Would request TDFer's to spare 2 min to fill the survey, would be a great help for me. The survey link is as below Nokia : A brand that was ? Thanks! Best Regards, Abhijit Mukherjee
  4. savithk

    Nokia Lumia 625 megapixel setting

    Nokia Lumia 625.... it is possible to change megapixel setting from 5 to 2 ...????
  5. GhorMaanas

    In-ear-headset (w/ mic) for Redmi 2 Prime [under 500/-]

    Hello! need the item in subject. budget is under Rs. 500. this one from nokia looks good: would work with redmi? please...
  6. mitraark

    Cheapest Nokia phone Whatsapp Unilimited SMS and Micro SD

    Looking for a sturdy Nokia phone which supports WHatsapp, has Unlimited SMS memory ( My Nokia 108 only let store 200 messages ) and has a Micro SD Slot. Have the Nokia 220 in mind but no mention of support for Whatsapp :(
  7. @

    [Want to Buy] Need a dual sim dumbphone

    You should be the first owner. Nokia preferred. PM me!
  8. adityak469

    Anyone has a Nokia C2-01?

    My mom's Nokia C2-01's display broke and all the contacts were in it. Its on mass storage rather than Ovi Suite mode so I cant backup the contents. Can anyone help me to change the mode to Ovi Suite by guiding me through the clicks ?
  9. S

    New mobile with dual sim under 3.5K

    I am looking for a dual sim mobile phone (GSM+GSM) preferably Nokia. The phone should have the option to activate/deactivate the sims individually. Also, it shouldn't be touch screen and should have key pad. The phone should also have good voice clarity. Thank you all in advance.
  10. D

    Need Nokia Feature(yes) .. any help ?

    Need a Nokia Feature phone Features needed: 1. Dual sim 2. Voice Recording and transfer over USB.. No.2 Is important. Open to any Nokia S40 based or Nokia S30 based phone. Nokia 208DS vs Nokia 206 vs Nokia 225: Compare Mobiles: None of the listing gives info about Voice...
  11. A

    Which phone to buy non-android BB Q5 or Lumia 730

    Delete this post Duplicate thread:-- Which phone to buy non-android BB Q5 or Lumia 730 Duplicate thread
  12. ithehappy

    Are these original BL-5C batteries?

    As the title asks. ORIGINAL NOKIA BL-5C | eBay Could anyone confirm whether these are original BL-5C batteries or not? I need one for the Nokia 1200. Also that one has some BL-5CA, are they different? TIA.
  13. 1


    . hi all, i wanna buy a mobile for my mom ( normal usage ). . budget is max 15k . following are my shortlists 1. Nokia Lumia 730 2. Moto G 2014 3. Micromax A1 (android one) . i have a few queries 1. how is the scenario now in the windows ecosystem....are there some reasonable...
  14. theserpent

    Nokia N1 android tablet

    This is N1, Nokia’s new Android tablet! AND NOKIA IS BACKKK
  15. R

    Nokia Branding Removed from windows phones by MicroSoft

    Nokia brand gone soon, the "Phone" in Windows Phone too - news Lol as expected ... anybody still thinks windows phone has a chance ? :lol:
  16. I

    Relaese date of 930

    Can anyone have idea when Nokia Lumia 930 will be released? Please help I am eagerly waiting for that.
  17. R

    Nokia coming back with Android ? job posting suggests

    Nokia might jump back in the phone business with Android vengeance, job postings suggest Finally end of 5 years of wait !! a true Nokia + Android
  18. adityak469

    What Accident Have Your Devices Been Into?

    It may be a mobile phone or a camera or anything but most of us have at least one experience of our device having an accident, may it be falling from a height or taking a dip in the water or anything. So why not share those experience and what you did to save the device and how you felt at the...
  19. R

    Nokia Lumia 530 Announced

    Nokia Lumia 530 goes official with dual-SIM version in tow - news What a Downgrade !! will be a flop E flop
  20. G

    Best Android Phone @10k

    1. Budget? Rs.7000 INR 2. Display type and size? medium size say 4.5" 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Motorola, Asus, Micromax, Nokia 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? front facing 6. Preferred operating system? Android 7. Preferred...
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