1. ssb1551

    New Home Inverter with Battery

    Hi All, I just moved to a new apartment after wedding. There is no power back up (which I was told is there), so I intend to buy an inverter with battery. Things that will be connected to the inverter are : 1 ceiling fan, 1 led bulb, my PC (in signature i5-6500, GTX 1060 AMP, 550W PSU). I am...
  2. M

    Confused between SONY 4K HDR or FULL HD?

    1. Budget? RS 75,000/- 2. Display type and size? Confused - Full HD (50inch) or 4k HDR (43inch) 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Movies,YouTube & Amazon prime 4. Ports Required? Just have to be compatible with my Yamaha YHT-299 5. Preferred choice of brand? SONY 6. Any TV/monitor in...
  3. V

    Need Portable speaker with good bass.. Budget is around 6k

    Hi guys, I am looking for a portable speaker (preferably with Bluetooth functionality ). My budget is around 6k. I have looked at portronics, JBL, Sony etc.. I am confused which one to choose and really need help.. Thanks a lot in advance :)
  4. F

    I want to buy Wndow AC

    Dear Friends, I want to buy window ac, which brand is good? what capacity ac should buy? area is room 120sq ft, I am living in Mumbai. I am confused between Hitachi & LG also please assist friend at the earliest.
  5. H

    confused in following phone:

    I want tobuya smartphone but I am confused in the following phones: 1) Xiaomi redmi 2 prime 2)coolpad note 3 lite 3)intex aqua power hd 4) lenevo a6000 So plz suggest me the best phone from the abivr phone given
  6. kg11sgbg

    Confused to buy a BSNL Telephone line cable(copper) of 100ft.

    I want to buy a Telephone line/wire cable of copper,about 100ft. The wire should be a single or one pair wire. But I am confused about its other parameter of width(diameter)!!! Shall I buy the 0.4mm or the 0.5mm specs?
  7. sujeet2555

    confused over nvdia card or amd card

    i have bought recently ASUS B150M Plus DDR4+i5 6500+ Gskill 8GB DDR4 Ram .after reading the manual closely i came to know that it support AMD crossfireX technolgy and has two pciex16 sockets. i have to buy a graphic card now and confused if i should buy a amd card so that i can add a card in...
  8. K

    AIO printer suggestions needed for 9k

    Hi, I am gonna buy a aio printer,my monthly usage will be 100-150 pages black and white,i was using a Samsung scx-4300, Budget:9k I am confused between inkjet and Laser,please help me out
  9. savithk

    Meizu m2 vs Meizu m2 note

    can anybody explain ....what is the basic difference between ...Meizu m2 vs Meizu m2 note.....i am confused :-(
  10. A

    Best 64 GB Micro SD Card?

    Looking forward to buy one. Which company should i go for? Should be reasonably priced. (Around 1.5k) Confused over these two memory cards...
  11. Revolution

    Internal Storage for OS & DATA

    Hi, My old Seagate 500GB SATA HDD is almost run out of space. So,I need a new internal storage for my desktop. Which brand & model should I chose ? Budget is not much but 3K. Don't want too spend too much on HDD cos they are neither reliable nor gonna last long. Confused between...
  12. A

    Laptop Or Desktop? What should i buy?

    Hello members of TDF. I am moving to college this year.I will take admission in B.Tech in CSE this year :-).I am going to buy a PC but confused over what should i prefer.I am confused over what should i buy a laptop or desktop.I will use it for gaming(Games like BattleField,COD).I will use it...
  13. A

    Confused Between Iphone 5C or 5S

    Friends I am confused Betwn Iphone 5c 16gb and Iphone 5s..Please suggest which one is better..!!!:oops:
  14. B

    wanted to buy 1 Tb hardisk. Confused between two choices

    hello i want to buy a 1TB external hardisk. i am confused between WD My passport Ultra and this HGST 1TB Touro S External USB Hard Disk 7200 RPM | eBay. how i the after sales service of HGST. i know WD has the best after sales service. i have experienced it. i already have two WD hardisks. so...
  15. ashs1

    Tablet confusion ?!?!?

    hi guys.. I recently decided on purchasing a tablet within 20k( strict budget) with the sole purpose of watching Movies/TV Series and playing games ( mediocre usage..restricted to real racing 3/gt racing 2/asphalt ).. My media contents would be mainly of 1080p movies from*ahem* sites ;)...
  16. bajaj151

    Urgent: Please suggest laptop

    Starting new thread...Old one was messed up... 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 28k (as offline price is GENERALLY 1-2k more) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15.6 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Music +...
  17. D

    Lg G3 or Htc M8 or Google Nexus 6

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new phone, I am planning to go with either g3 or m8 or nexus 6 . Nexus 6 is yet to hit to store (it will be available on flipkart) and there isn't much info about it available on Internet. I am confused as to go with which one. Please share your feedback about...
  18. S

    Galaxy S5 vs Moto X

    I was just seeing Moto X 2nd Gen looking its spec but then i compare it with Samsung Galaxy S5 the specs were exact same leaving camera of S5 on higher side.Now i am confused of which one to buy.Will Nexus 6 price will come down?.
  19. S

    About Buying 5.1 speaker for pc

    I want to buy a 5.1 speaker for pc. I have choosed some speakers given below. 1.Creative Inspire T6300. 2.Logitech Z506. 3.F&D F6000. 4.F&D F6000U. Now please tell me which one is the best for computer.Which speaker should I buy???Please reply as soon as possible I am totally confused.
  20. 7shivam9

    Sony MDR-XB400 vs Sony MDR-XB30EX, Help me im confused.

    I made a thread sometime ago asking for bassy headphone recommendation around 1k. but I have found these 2 headphones both at1.4k on amazon. they both seem amazing.. but I'm confused which one to go for.. one is In ear and other is over head. I listen on PC and mobile as well. I'd like to...
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