1. I

    Xperia ZR or Samsung S4

    Namaste! 1. Budget? - Max 22k 2. Display type and size? The best possible type available in my budget but size max 5 inches. Preferred below 5. 3. Dual sim? - better if i get but not a priority. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, samsung, htc 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing...
  2. mati17

    How to make Wifi Hot Spot

    Dear Forum, I have a PC which is connected via cable for internet (Ethernet). I have a laptop with wifi enabled. Now, my question is what hardware shud i use to make my PC a wifi hotspot so that I can use net on my laptop also... Please advice !!! Thanks
  3. A

    tv safety

    just brought a samsung 32 it mandatory to have a voltage stablizer with it to save high voltage burnout and if so which one shud i buy
  4. A

    mid-range rig help

    I have decided to build a mid-range rig. I have listed the following parts. Please make some suggestions (any cheaper and better alternatives). And is everything okay(all sizes and form factors). Processor – i5 3550 Mobo- intel db75en Monitor – (suggest a 1600x900 one below 6000)...
  5. S

    iphone 4s from olx

    I was looking for apple iphone 4s on products online market). deals wer interesting but a little risky as always for online shopping and since second hand too.. I want all suggestions on wat shud be my precautions, as in wat all shud i test the handset for before deciding and payin...
  6. Y

    BIG QUESTION about gaming rig

    MY current pc i5 3450 asrock z77 extreme4 sapphire 7850 gskill ripjaws x 8gb corsair force gt 120gb wd caviar green 2tb corsir gs 600 ok so now i want to upgrade my pc....i was thinking of crossfiring 7850 but i have gs600..some say it can handle some say it cant some say better be...
  7. A

    3d modelling... need help...!!!!

    how to map one image to another using 3d modelling???? need assistance...... which s\w shud I use.... which is the best?????...
  8. V

    MOTOROLA shutting it down!! Shud i still go for Motorola ATRIX 2 !!!??????

    As many of you must have already heard , motorola has decided to shut its operations in India..Shud i purchase motorola atrix 2 now?? Shud i worry about support and warranty etc??
  9. J

    Storage/ Hard drives

    hii guys am planning on buying a new internak HDD for my pc and i am slightly which one shud i buy?? WD or segate??? my requirement is <1TB, probably 2TB, high speed, not SSD, if possibe less heating budget around INR 8K.
  10. K

    Urgent Needed...Mobile Phone with Best quality of call recording without beep...!!!

    Hello experts, I want to buy a cell phone with the following features... -Budget Rs.5k to 6k -With best quality of call recording "Without Beep". (What shud be its format wave or mp3?? or any other??) -Camera quality, 3g, wifi, etc does not matter. -Dual sim will be gud...but not...
  11. M

    Need a phone for around 20-22K. Max 23K

    Hey guys,i'm new to this forum. K so I'm planning to buying a new phone(starting of next month) and im really confused. I Was originally planning to buy nokia e7 but its a bit expensive and also everyone is telling me to buy an android phone. I was thinking e7 cos i Have used only nokia...
  12. J

    Need PSU for my pc.

    Configuration : Intel C2D E4500 2GB ddr2 ram WD 250GB 5400RPM Hd Asus 5750 formula OCd 800 MHz I need a gud PSU @ around 3-4k Shud a 450w suffice? Shrtlstd corsair vx450.Any other suggestions?
  13. Blue Ripazah

    which is better??????????

    help needed im going to purchase 1 5.1 system for my room and i hv shortlisted these 2.........but im open to other brands also but they shud have better sound quality than these....but they shud be in the budge of 2k-2.5k creative sbs a520..... creative a 500 or any other 5.1 within...
  14. K

    gpu in 10k

    hi.......... small confusion.... i was asked to buy a amd 6850 but my ? is which make shud i go msi,xfx,sapphire.etc plz suggest bst... in and around 10k....
  15. A

    superzoom or dslr??

    I have a budget of around 20k for a digital camera. I am confused as to shud i go for the superzoom camera offerings from Nikon (Nikon Coolpix L120) or Fujifilm Finepix S1800. Or shud I go for the Canon EOS 1000D DSLR Plz help me out...
  16. Zangetsu

    Need new Config

    Hi Guys , My frnd has asked me to build a config for him so i m using TDF Budget:25k max Requirement: Only the whole cabinet & its internals Proccy shud be Intel SB HDD: 500GB WD He is not buying a GPU now will by it later so dnt include GPU price now but the PSU shud according to the...
  17. C

    Budget All-rounder Rig

    Hi! guys, this my 1st post, I am looking to build a all-rounder system within 30k(including VAT). I will use it for watching movies, internet, casual gaming but shud be able to play latest games at medium settings, software coding- I will be taking up a IT course soon, my sister will be using it...
  18. K

    Upgrade for 35k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:Gaming,Music,Movies[HD],Photoshop,Surfing the net.. 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better...
  19. Kishal

    need help- buying a new lappie

    Hey guys, i gonna buy a new laptop between 60 - 65k . shud i buy now. Are 3d laptops even in the Indian scene? shud i wait till one comes? will it fit my budget? neways, i have chasen hp dv6 3050tx and dell xps15? shud i buy any of them. if yes, which.
  20. C

    best phone around 15 k.

    friends please help me out with this. i want a 3g enabled phone with touch screen, preferably capacitive, wid stereo speakers, a 5mp camera, secondary camera required, responsive interface ( shud not hang constantly). is nokia x6 a gud choice or samsung jet! suggest other phones also if u find...
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