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Mozilla Announces Release Date for Firefox 3 -- June 17th

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Hope it sets the record for max downloads in 24 hours. Hope all FF fans contribute to it. Anyway even if that dream turns false (I really really hope not), FF3 is a rock solid web browser which any savvy internet user should use as the primary browser.


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I am eager to see FF3 vs Opera 9.50 soon :D

Already I am using Opera 9.50 and it is really cool with the new interface. But I always preferred FF over opera for many reasons. So FF3 is the only way to go for me.


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Coool. Am now posting this from Opera 9.5

Looks superb and is pretty fast (as usual)

The main improvement being the compatiblity if scripts. hundred times better when compared to earlier version.

A certain Opera vs FF coming up and I do think that this will make a serious dent in IE's marketshare. MS might consider to acquire Opera Foundation :)


I won't download.
SpreadFirefox sucks. They have humiliated INDIA in their MAP in their website.
Go check out.

Will download after their stupid day.
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