Mozilla Announces Release Date for Firefox 3 -- June 17th

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Dunno about Windows. But on my Ubuntu box, it takes just 89 MiB after loading up 15 tabs having mostly Orkut pages, GMail and few Digit forum pages.

IMHO this is lighter than FF2. Note: I do not have any add-on installed except the ones installed by default in Ubuntu for better integration with other parts of system.


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This is awesome, it is out!!

FF3 broke a record on download day. I can't imagine it.

I am so going to download it

1lakh people download FF from INDIA
Overall downloads 10,235,752 against target of 5million

just one thing, how did their servers managed all this:p

One person in this entire country (anyone heard of it?) downloaded Firefox! :D
its zero now!
looks like people their prefer binary:D
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Firefox 3.0 critical vulnerability



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Got FF3. Well worth it, except for one thing - it took away all my addons. I don't know if that was intended, as it forces me back to the mozilla site, and then to search and download the add-ons again. So a few extra downloads for them again


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Nope, it doesn't here.
And what a stupid site, full of ads (that too animated) and poor coding. (don't take it personally)
@unnikuttans:In Linux ,no crash ;)
No problem with here........might be ur ISP time out problem or something.....
^ same here , downloaded now and using it .
checked the site too , no problem , tested on my friends old p4 with 256 ram .
its working really good.
i don't know why many have problems.
Maybe u got a corrupt plugin..
there might be some problem with the site, as just now i tried it, mu cpu usage shot up to 60% and ram to 679mb and after closing the site now its cpu usage 7% and ram 650mb.
ofcourse CPU usage shoot up visiting mathrubhumi site.but no crash here on Debian Linux 8) . I think @jinsu and @unni - flashplugin may be the cause :)

Hi guys,
I disabled NoScript plugin, and now no problem :) As soon as I go to the site with NoScript plugin enabled, Firefox crashes. Till a newer version of NoScript comes out, I will keep it disabled. Initially, I thought it was my profile. I have been using the same profile for more than one year. I unistalled Firefox, deleted everything and did a fresh install. Then I started installing the addons one by one. Thus, I came to know that NoScript is the cause.


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Did u all get FF update notification in FF 2?

My FF does not show me the update yet, normally it has showed on its own all the updates. I tried manually Help>check for updates that too says no update.

I have downloaded FF v3 but don't want to risk my 17 add ons after reading that it wont work with many of them till all add ons are updated.
The auto update within FF checks & warns telling what all extension will get affected & then I can decide what to do.

Can I install FF v3 in a separate folder so both version can coexist?


in FF 3 there some addons r not working there no way to transfer my backup FEBE to FF 3.0 there is lot problem so i stick with 2.0.waiting for when 3.0 supports all addons of 2.0
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