Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Chillum Baba
^^^^ The ads will ruin the fun.

Australia - Too lengthy but was never boring. Entertaining movie, unlike my expectations.


Broken In
The Bucket List - 9/10
both the actors(freeman and nicholson) are my favorite actors. so my expectations were quite high with this movie.. and the movie lived upto it.


Aspiring Novelist
V for Vendetta - 9/10. Superb movie. Enjoyed every bit of it. I didn't really expect this movie to be that good but, I was surprised why I didn't watch this before. Brilliant dialogues, decent action, well presented & great acting from almost everyone in the movie.


Chillum Baba
Ek Chalis Ki Last Local- Watched it for Abhay Deol. Was hilarious in parts. But the length went against it. Dragged towards the end. But worth a fun watch once.


Democracy is a myth
The Game 8/10

I like this kinda movies, and I could not find much fault in it.
A few scenes just happens, and u've to believe it . Thats o.k with me because the number such scenes are relatively small.

If I haven't read "The Case of Discontented Soldier" by Agatha Christie a few days ago, I would have given it 9/10.


Staff member
Tropa De Elite - Brazilian movie about drugs and BOPE (elite squads to do what common police cannot do). Show the bad of both sides and filty rich hypocrite drug addicts giving rise to drug lords.


Democracy is a myth
Strangers 6/10

The directors here should watch "Funny Games" continuously for 1 month, then, if they could learn about psychopath.

Its just another average thriller...nothing else (oh, thrilling moments are very rare here; i.5 hrs of nothing)


X-Men Origins-Wolverine - 7/10 Good VFX but nothing much great
The Spirit -7/10 Sin City effects a deja vu but nothing spectacular about it too.
Chocolate- 6/10 OKish story, good fight scenes but lack the aggression of Tony Jaa!


I have Yolks not Brains!
MAN ON WIRE : 8/10 : The Oscar winning documentary about the man who performed the illegal high wire routine between Twin Towers in '74!

Count Dracula

Wtf guys. I was watching A Clockwork Orange a few hours ago and I left it in between coz my mom saw that part when Alex is raping Mrs.Alexander.The movie is too violent and has a LOT of sexual theme.Heh guess I'm too young to watch such movies.Seriously but its TOO violent.Some better movies probably? (Will complete watching A Clockwork Orange when mommy goes for work lol)


The Sexy Beast
^thats what i mentioned in my review plzz show some moral responsibility and don't watch this movie if u r below 14-15yrs of age and do no watch the movie for its sexual nature it's a classic movie not a cheap 3rd grade flick


Broken In
Ong Bak 2 = 8/10

i wanted to see more fist fights like the two predecessors but the initial part is full of sword fights :( ...

It gets better in the end :)
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