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Is Twilight a good flick??
It's rated very low in IMDB and holds only 49% on RT!!!
Screw the ratings & watch the movie. That way you get to decide if it's good or not. Trust me, it's a beautiful movie. One advice, watch it at night. It will really pose as a perfect setup.

Back on topic:
ONG BAK 2 - 8/10. Took off 2 points off it because of the idiotic ending.
twilight.! (9\10)

it has a normal story line, but the locales are really good.! esp the part where they play baseball.. and his glass house on top of the mountain.! nice.!


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Ong Bak 2 7.5/10

Points are given only for action. Though this part is full of weapon fight and I guess I liked him for his hand-to-hand combat. Thats why, I didn't like it that much. Chocolate is better than this.

Is there a part 3 coming?? :grin:


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Knowing - Started well, but later turned out to be a typical Hollywood's average end of the world stuff.

Something immediately caught my attention. The background score -I knew I had heard it in some other movie. Imdb reminded me that it was Beethoven's 7th symphony which was also used in The Fall.


Mother - cool movie to watch with ur Mother .really simple and sweet story especially if u have a working mom ..... 8/10

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^^eggy..The Shining is a good film but I dont think CWO can be displaced from my most fav film slot....

Kubrick ka main bhi pankha ban gaya hun CWO k baad se :D

Hows Dr Strangelove ?


Democracy is a myth
Dr. Strangelove is more a Satire or Black Comedy rather brainfcuk movie (o.k. to me kubrick is who makes brainfcuk movies)

Do, c... its a timeless movie, subject fits all time, all ages.
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