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Spirited Away - awesome anime, its better than any Disney sh!t, a lot better. A must watch for everyone.


how is the movie the tin drum?
its a german movie, i heard its nice.


Vantage point - One event in six or seven different perspectives, each adding a little more info than the previous so that in the end you get the final picture of what exactly happened.. A good watch..!


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Spirited Away - awesome anime, its better than any Disney sh!t, a lot better. A must watch for everyone.

What an awesome movie, i just watched it today & i really don't have any words to describe it , once you start the movie you are lost for those 2 hours , i am just happy that i spent my 2 hours on something awesome as this.


The High 5 Flyer
And his role in Fight Club made me his instant fan! Also watch him in The Painted Veil. He was wasted in Italian Job where Mark Wahlberg took the limelight.

Though I am not a big superhero movies fan, I am eagerly awaiting to watch Incr Hulk just for him.

Yet to see painted veil. I liked him in Italian Job though it was not that critically aclaimed role. I'd suggest watch him in The Rounders and The Score. Both movies worth watching. The score was better for me simply because of its thrilling subject.

^^ I don't like Stanley's films :(..............too boring..........and thats why he is critically acclaimed maybe.......

Which one have you seen....... yea they are slow....well....sometimes too slow I might say but they deal with some wierd topics. That is what makes them interesting......for me atleast......Try watching Full Metal Jacket on vietnam war but that is only covered in the second half, first half is different........u just try may be you will like it.

suggest me the top 10 or a few sexy comedies movies full or sex and comedy and humor according to U guys!

Try Lemon Popsicle.
or Girls Just Want to Have Fun

They are not like classics or bumper hits but are rare to find enjoyble movies......

PS ::: BTW added Island Empire, Naked Gun and Sprited away to the list.......all three seems to be worth watching.....
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If thats Ryan Philippe waala Chaos theory.. then i like the girl who counts the fresh cash in one scene and flirts with Philippe named Keegan Connor Tracy ;)

She's hot :D
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