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If India is computer, Cong is its default program: Rahul Gandhi


Always in Dreams...
"If India is computer , Congress is its default program," Rahul Gandhi on Thursday told a Congress workshop on social media.

He asked the party's media managers to stick to facts and decency of language . "If India is computer, its default program is Congress . Congress comes naturally to India's ethos. Here anger and aggression are not appreciated," a party source quoted Rahul as saying.

See twitter for more fun.. it's trending there. :-D

Source : If India is computer, Cong is its default program: Rahul Gandhi - The Times of India


He is the Crap-Sh*t Internet Explorer in the System , who always keeps in prompting users to set it as the default browser.


Being Human
He is BSOD of India, If India is a computer which needs windows update Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 (People Mindset)


Lost in speed
[h=2]If India is computer, Cong is its default program and it's yet to be coded.[/h]

RahulJi trying to speak some technical terms to attracts Geek-voters i guess. :mrgreen:


Always in Dreams...
From twitter :

If India is a computer, and Congress is the OS, then Rahul Gandhi is -


:-D :-D


Still in war with allies
Congress is a virus which doesn't let the computer (India ) work properly......and we youths are antivirus who can disinfect the virus (congress) forever .........


Broken In
If india is computer then congress is corrupted pirated windows 8 installed from a disc sold for 50 rs at palika market:lol:
And Rahul gandhi is the guy who is telling everyone install a pirated windows why to waste your money for buying original for 5k when we r giving it to you for 50 inr only


if india is a computer, then it from the first generation of computers i guess :p

ridiculously slow and takes too much space.

Congress is just a troll virus/trojan/worm

and rahul gandhi is just a special symbol in the virus/trojan/worm code.


And I realized that a majority of posts in this thread starts with " If India is a computer......" ,.
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