1. Desmond

    Woman who attended Rahul event burnt to death by husband

    Source : Assam woman who attended Rahul event burnt to death by husband : India, News - India Today PS: I am dead serious, that's his name.
  2. R

    If India is computer, Cong is its default program: Rahul Gandhi

    See twitter for more fun.. it's trending there. :-D Source : If India is computer, Cong is its default program: Rahul Gandhi - The Times of India
  3. R

    Self-confidence key to overcome poverty: Rahul Gandhi

    Meanwhile, Twitter is flooded with Rahul Gandhi jokes and satire, with #YoRahulSoDumb trending at first position. source : Rahul Gandhi mocks the poor, says poverty is just a state of mind : Uttar Pradesh, News - India Today
  4. m-jeri

    [Complaint] Rahul ITWares - RMA Policy - Is this same for all?

    Hi All. Unfortunately I bought a PL 30 from Rahul, TheITWares on Dec 13, 2010 for ~9XX/-. With 1 year warranty.:@. Happy camper with it for over 6 months. Used it extensively as its my ONLY earphone. And the fit with it is just great. It conked off like 3 weeks ago. No misuse. Always use my...
  5. R

    colour laser printer

    hello, i want to get a colour printer soon. so i am thinking about buying samsung clp-315 --- *www.samsung.com/us/consumer/office/printers-multifunction/color-laser-printers/CLP-315/XAA/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail i want to ask that is it good and how is the colour print quality of...
  6. H

    Rahul hacker

    Am facing the problem whenever i click on internet explorer it opens but it shows rahul hacker how to remove this i have used Nod full updated but no solution can u help me out of this problem. and 1 windows open it shows there is no disk in drive any time if i cancel it , it doesnt go only i...
  7. R

    RAM and Graphics Card

    I have 4 X 1 GB DDR2 533 RAM under a 3 year warranty. Also have a XFX 7300 GS Graphics Card. I want Rs. 3900 for both. Anyone in Mumbai interested please call Rahul on 9869392939.
  8. abhijit_reddevil

    India slip below Bangladesh in ODI rankings

    *cricket.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1985314.cms Now when will Rahul Dravid resign...???:mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. Yamaraj

    The Nehru-Gandhi clan : Yes, or No?

    Source: - *timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Netizens_debate_Rahuls_Gandhi_claim/articleshow/1914469.cms As we can see, the "charm" of this damned clan is now wearing off "hearts and minds". Fortunately enough! Do you think this "khandan" should be allowed to rule, following the...
  10. choudang

    email @ dataone

    how do i create the email id in dataone? behalf// Rahul
  11. soumya

    Sourav Ganguly should be the captain of the Indian Team?

    Sourav Ganguly should be the captain of the Indian Team. Sourav Ganguly was the best Indian captain ever. Rahul is getting to be the worst. He has no guts and is like Chappel's right hand man. Though it's still premature to say that Sourav should be the captain cause he just came into the team...
  12. Curious Guest

    Mr Rahul Gandhi along with a lady friend was arrested

  13. nagarjun_424

    Rahul Mahajan

    Hi, You all must have heard about the Rahul Mahajan case which involves the consumption of Cocaine and Heroin. What is your opinion on this matter? Do you think Rahul really had the drugs? What, according to you should be the right punishment? Reply. ----------------------------- Here...
  14. R

    What server is accessed.....................

    Hi guyz, does any of you know how to find what server is being accessed from my computer, by a browser or an application......... please tell me........ thanx in advance.......... -------------- Rahul
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