1. S

    How to restore Start Menu to default in Windows 10 1909

    I can't find the Tile Data Layer folder in this version of Windows 10.
  2. S

    Selling my Asus p2420la 14 inch laptop core i3 8 gb ram for 21000 rs ( 15 days old )

    Brand - Asus P2420la 14 inch Purchased on - 27th december 2016 Original price - Rs 25990 from amazon . By default it came with 4 gb ram . I spent 2200 rs extra for additional 4 gb ram making it 8 gb. Specs - intel core i3 5500u 2.0 ghz processor 8 gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram ( 4 gb default...
  3. W

    Local ISP, many computers(static IPs) connect to 1 default gateway. Is a Private network possible ?

    Hi! I have very little knowledge about networking. The situation is, I am from Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore. The one and only ISP here is Nertavati Boradband & TV something. They call it Spectranet because they connect with that ISP at some level. But here is the thing. All computers in my area...
  4. cute.bandar

    Default music app missing in moto e

    So my lenovo a269i (android 2.3.x) has a simple 'music' application, that works great. I just assumed it was the default android music application, so was surprised not to find it in moto e . Moto E only seems to have google play music (whose interface I hate). Which exact application is that...
  5. V

    Installing apps on old Samsung phone runs into space constraint

    I bought Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 in Jan2013 Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 - Full phone specifications Now new apps are not getting installed and space insufficient error pops up even though the default location for new apps is the sd card which has plenty of space. (Few months back i had set the...
  6. seamon

    setting up BSNL BB vs Sify.

    I am considering getting the uld 1425 plan. After I got the connection and stuff, should I buy a WiFi modem or is the default one good enough?? Any Sify users?
  7. sksundram

    Xolo q800 image viewer problem

    This is the image i took screenshot of in Firefox mobile browser Now you see the clarity here.. It's very very good..but i saved the same image and when opened it in the default image viewer i got this This one is of below par quality... Why it is so and what can I do to remove this problem..
  8. H

    Bravely Default: For the Sequel

    The official website is now open. ??????????? ????????????SQUARE ENIX This game is an enhanced re-release of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, the Silicon Studio developed, Square Enix published RPG being localized by Nintendo for the west. At least Square Enix isn't doesn't have any qualms...
  9. R

    If India is computer, Cong is its default program: Rahul Gandhi

    See twitter for more fun.. it's trending there. :-D Source : If India is computer, Cong is its default program: Rahul Gandhi - The Times of India
  10. topgear

    Issue With Opera Browser

    Have a look at the screenshot : now I want this window menu ( or whatever it is ) gone and get the back all the menu accesssible from the opera icon on the top left corner .. using the most recent non beta version without any sort of themes, plugins or addons other than default .. also...
  11. K

    To default how?

    Hi Guys, I made some changes on Windows 7 Ultimate WORD PAD unfortunately. I would like to make the WORD PAD TO ITS DEFAULT CONDITION completly. How to do that?
  12. H

    Firefox 23 blocks non ssl content on SSL web pages by default

  13. S

    How to set nividia card as default?

    I bought a new Samsung NP550P5C-S04IN lap. Specs: 1TB, i5 3rd gen, nvidia GT650M, 6GB Ram. The problem is, the graphic card comes with optimus technology. So the card is used only when I'm playing a game or somthing. I would like to set my Nvidia card as the default driver for all...
  14. stellar

    Google Chrome Browser Startup

    My chrome browser start up has been changed by some other search engine" Fast bar". I deleted in the settings and put google as default, but still the same search engine pops up as the default start up.From where can i deleted that and make as it was before.
  15. NexGen

    how to set downloaded launcher as default in samsung s duos

    friends, ive bought a samsung s duos for my sister and downloaded adw launcher from app store, but not able to set it as my default home. ive searched all options in settings and other folders, but there is no option to set any other launcher as my hone. please help me in this regards thanks...
  16. kool

    ►►► RingTone , notification, whatsapp tones auto changing to DEFAULT tone in ICS, plz help me.

    Hi , I have Micromax A100 which has ICS OS. Problem is that when i set my customize tones for Ringtone, SMS, Notification, Whatsapp etc. After sometime it changes to boring stock tones. I dont understand how it changes back to default tone. I tried all d way to change but it works for 2-3...
  17. D

    NFS:Most Wanted (2012) FPS Issues

    Anyone else havin' em? I had to turn on "lockto30" in my config file to stop the stutter to at least some extent. Set it to false (default) and the game stutters anywhere from 65 to 25 fps:cry:
  18. anandharaja

    How to set windows 7 as default OS

    hi, i installed windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04, i don't want to boot Ubuntu as default , how can set windows 7 as default OS.
  19. 6Diablo9

    Can't set K-Meleon as my default browser

    I installed this browser because it's very light and quick but I can't set it as my default browser. My main browser is Opera. My OS is Windows 7 32 bit. Plz help me out.
  20. A

    registry editing

    Can anybody tell me how to edit value names in windows registry? By key I mean which name to be used? e.g. Key: (HKCU|HKLM)\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer Value Name: NoViewContextMenu Value Type: REG_DWORD Set To: 1 to enable, 0 to disable (0 Default)...
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