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How to increase Speakers Cable Length ?


In the zone

I want to extend the wire length of my 5.1 speaker set. I have Logitech Z506 speakers that comes with pretty short RCA cables. How can I increase wire length of the rear speakers ?

Blue Ripazah


try using these along with a new set of rca cables.... sound quality will decrease a bit


The Vagrant Seeker
you can also get wired connectors like these. insist on some sturdy ones, for eg, from MX. you could call them up telling them your exact requirement and they should pinpoint at what you need, which you could eventually search for in any online portal or locally. their contact info (MX) :

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Just be careful while buying don't buy cheap ones, if you do so you will definitely see loss in quality of sound,

that happens in cables, longer you go you loose quality, so buy branded ones that can maintain quality.
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