1. S

    Backlit keyboard & gaming mouse & Speaker

    Hi. I am a seasoned PC Gamer. Lately due to my job, I don't get much time for it except at night. I prefer playing with all lights turned off, curtains fully drawn. Preferred genres are single-player RPG, FPS, RTS, Adventure, Action-Adventure games, and occasional counter-strike, cross-fire...
  2. Ronnie11

    2.1 Speakers for a budget of 10000/-

    Hey Guys, My Klipsch Pro media speakers sub woofer finally gave away and i am unable to repair the speakers. Although very unfortunate, it leaves me no choice but to look for a new 2.1 speaker system. I am looking for speakers similar to klipsch pro media. I would have bought the klipsch...
  3. H2O

    Best Feature Phone Under 4k

    1. Budget? Rs 4,000 INR. 2. Dual sim? Not a necessity but would be good if its there. 3. Preferred choice of brand? Don't have any preference but as long as good ASS is there it will be fine. 4. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, internet, gaming etc)? Calling...
  4. M

    Feature phone around 2k

    As the title says, I want a feature phone for my extra SIM card and want it to be a flip(clamshell) phone since I used to adore those back when I was 11 and I still do.Budget is around 2k. I could also settle for a feature phone with good speakers. Most importantly, the phone should have...
  5. Ronnie11

    2.1 speakers for LCD TV.Budget around 4000

    Hi Guys, I have a 42 inch lg lcd tv. I am looking for a good set of speakers preferably 2.1 with an RMS output of 50 watts or more. My budget is 4000. How many options do i have in the market?
  6. C

    PC Speakers .....Budget 10~15k

    hi ... i want to buy speakers ...my budget is 10~15k rs i liked this Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Speaker System Price: Buy Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Speaker System Online in India -Amazon.i how's this? suggest others...
  7. A

    Heavy Bass speakers (preferably Genius sw g2.1 3000 speakers)

    Hi Guys, I have been looking for good 2.1 speakers with very good bass (Yes, I'm a bass lover). I usually watch more of movies/TV shows and listen to songs, but I play games too. I have come to the conclusion that gaming speakers would be best for me (due to the extra bass), and after doing...
  8. sam9s

    Paradigm Atom 7 Bookshelve speakers

    Selling my brand new paradigm atom 7. I hastily bought these, now I am planning to upgrade these to floorstands. Spk spcs below ... full one-year warrenty available. Speakers are at gurgaon at my friends place. If anyone wants to listen, need to go to Gurgaon. I can provide the address. Price...
  9. Skud

    Need 2.0/2.1 speakers within 20-25k

    As per title. Primary usage will be Music, preferred genres classic rock & metal. Speakers with multiple input sources are welcome, if available. So far, shortlisted Swans M200MKII. Is it good?
  10. K

    Please guide me to build home music/theater system

    Hi Everyone, till this date I was very happy with my Sony MHC-GN88D 5.2 hi-fi system (http://forum.digit.in/qna-read-only/9097-sonys-mhc-gn88d-dvd-component-system.html). But few months back the amplifier gave up and one of the front subwoofer's diaphragm is gone due to a little creature who was...
  11. T

    audio system for car

    need a good music player with speakers for my car.. budget max 4-5k ..with speakers and player
  12. Ronnie11

    Crackling noise from Klipsch subwoofer

    Hi Guys, I own a Klipsch Pro media 2.1 speakers for the past 3 years. It has lately started giving me problems. The subwoofer at higher volumes has started giving a crackling noise and it is noticeable at higher volumes although the speakers are fine. Would it be possible to repair these...
  13. A

    Speaker Setup for my laptop

    Hey guys I wanted to ask for your advice on connecting speakers to my laptop. I have two laptops, two Sony SA D10 4.1 speakers, Creative 2.1 speakers, and a corseca bluetooth speaker. Now what I want to do is connect one Sony system and creative speaker system to one laptop at the same time...
  14. aakaash

    Help in selecting a good pair of bookshelf speakers

    Feeling very sad- returning my beloved swans speakers tomorrow :crying_NF:. For the short time that I had with these speakers, I was introduced to a whole new world of clarity. It made me realize the significance of 2.0 bookshelf speakers and what I was missing for all these days. Now that I...
  15. A

    Really good 2.1 speakers with wireless connectivity

    Hi Guys, A friend asked me for a suggestion about some good 2.1 speakers with wireless connectivity. His budget is 15k approx. I did some research online but couldn't find an appropriate match. Creative T4 was one but that doesn't seem to be available in India. Could have suggested him Sony...
  16. A

    Audio system for my TV

    Please suggest if these F&D speakers are good. If i can connect them and get proper 5.1 effect. My TV is BPL LED . I watch movies mainly via chromecast. No HD Channels as of now. My main concern is whether ill get the 5.1 effect. Any other speakers please suggest :). My budget is 10k max. :razz...
  17. anirbandd

    Swans d1010mkii bookshelf speakers - reviewed

    Introduction This time when Sagar from Pro Audio Home / Pristine Note contacted me and said that had another product for review, I guessed it was maybe another IEM that they had come up with. Having experienced the overall good quality of their previous line-up of the O16 and C12, I was...
  18. S

    Bluetooth Speakers - Please help me choose

    Hi all, I want to buy a bluetooth speaker for home use.. for listening to music/FM. Kindly suggest which one to go for. Shortlisted some speakers from online sites.. 1. Logitech X100 2. JBL Go 3. JBL Flip II Cricket series 4. Creative Sound Blaster FRee The Creative one is supposedly...
  19. windchimes

    Confused - Need recommendation for bluetooth speakers

    Hi all, Quite confused - Looking to buy bluetooth speakers for listening to music and video files and may be occasional calls . Need recommendation for good Value for Money models Requirements - Good Quality Sound - Connection quality with no interruption -Not too heavy Budget -...
  20. sandynator

    5.1 channel speakers to be directly connected to LED Television

    First of all sorry if this question has been asked multiple times in this forum. I recently bought Philips 40PFL4650/V7 Led Tv & need to get good 5.1 channel speakers under 10000 INR which will be directly connected to the tv through Aux in or PC in of speakers. USB/SD card & FM Tuner...
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