1. M

    Kickass torrent alternative after its Owner got arrested??

    What happened to all the uploaders who uploaded at kat? Which torrent site they moved to? Which torrent site to visit after kat got banned? I liked kat cause had well categorized torrents in main page and had a forum with pretty helping community. If you any like kat (not talking about the...
  2. R

    Corsair RM850i Power Supply Review

    Introduction: Corsair has always been key player in the power supply market. Their products have generally been top notch in terms of both quality and innovation. I first heard of their quality with the VX450, which was known for its legendary quality. Corsair, like many others in this segment...
  3. BakBob

    [Query] CoolerMaster Keyboard Backlight not working

    I bought a CMStorm Rapid-i about 6 months ago, and the some of the LEDs have stopped working. Where should I get these fixed? I'm pretty sure they're still under warranty.
  4. $hadow

    Xiaomi mi band review.

    A band for the average joe Disclaimer: I am using this band for about 10 days now and can easily state my views on many aspects of this band I got this for 999 form mi website. The band is a two component device one is the band itself and other is the main device which works as the main...
  5. isenberg

    what kind of job can I expect?

    Hello guys... I took admission into engineering (cse) again after 2 years of gap.... I am really serious about getting a job after the degree and making the most out of it... I am interested in programming even though I am pretty novice in c++ and c... I want to get a job as a programmer after...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    NEED > Point and Shoot like Sony RX100, but $cheaper$ and higher zoo0Om.

    Budget is around Rs20,000 - Rs25,000. The RX100 1st gen is around Rs27,000 now. Its a great cam for sure but the Zoom is pretty underwhelming. We were going for the Sony HX60V with 30x Zoom (Rs21,000) but found out the camera lens is pretty puny, like smartphone lens. Now...if someone is...
  7. T

    High Quality Headphones

    If you really wanna be in the game, you have to feel like you are in the game. This requires proper visual and sound effect. To have that boosting and clear sound that makes you feel that you are “actually” on the field, you definitely need to have a good pair of head phones, here are some of...
  8. Harsh Pranami

    Is legit?

    I'm thinking of purchasing fifa 15. They are offering it pretty cheap. Is it ok if I purchase it with g2a shield?
  9. sam_738844

    Need MP3/4 Flac Player within 5K

    Yo Audioheads Need an mp3 player which is sleek and tiny in size, better if wearable/clipable with capacity to store around 500 Songs at a go within 5K. Pretty much worn-out with my heavy-a$$ big-a$$ phone to listen with, carrying it in overly-crowded bus, plugging in-out, changing tracks...
  10. ashs1

    Tablet confusion ?!?!?

    hi guys.. I recently decided on purchasing a tablet within 20k( strict budget) with the sole purpose of watching Movies/TV Series and playing games ( mediocre usage..restricted to real racing 3/gt racing 2/asphalt ).. My media contents would be mainly of 1080p movies from*ahem* sites ;)...
  11. icebags

    Where to get a front panel drawer ?

    found pictures of these while browsing the net, any idea where to get them? seems pretty useful to utilize the 5" bays of pc.
  12. D

    What After B Tech ?

    Hello all this is my first post in forum hope ya'll be nice to me :p I do know that things like these are to be decided on our own and nobody can exactly TELL you what to do . But ive seen lotta people getting good POINTERS from fellow members here when i GOOGLed my dilemma hence posting...
  13. akhilc47

    Ear bud headphones under 700

    Hi, Please suggest me the best ear bud type headphones under 700 bucks. Don't want to stretch budget unless it's really worth it. Any brand is ok, but just have to be ear bud type. I'll be using it with phone and laptop. Thanks for reading.:-) - - - Updated - - - Quick search in fk found these...
  14. S

    Apple Ipad - Air - Should i wait for new release ?

    Hi, My friend in Japan got some reward points to spend (50k). So planning to get a ipad Air. Is there any new refresh coming up in the ipad Air line up ? Is it worth to go for the ipad Air with Cellular connectivity. I own a Nexus 7C tab and i know it is pretty worth the price. I want to feel...
  15. C

    New Headphones ~ 2k

    I need a good pair of headphones mostly for movie watching. Earlier had skullcandy uprock and was pretty sqtisfied with them until they died suddenly. Please recoomend some options.
  16. The Sorcerer

    Antec GX700 Discussion Thread

    My good friend bought this case and I happen to put this system together. It seems to be a pretty good case for 4.2K, but since Antec India's marketing manager is under a strong impression that I am a brand basher (Hey, its not my fault if they sent a 2011 model case few months back and expect...
  17. sukesh1090

    Sony Xperia SP VS LG google nexus 4

    I am confused between these two phones,both has the same price.Nexus 4 has 2GB Ram compared to 1GB in xperia SP and also will receive all the Updates from Google pretty i really appreciate if you guys help me to decide which one to buy. Thanks.
  18. deepak_ds

    need a decent tablet

    I need a tablet within 10k. It should have a.good battery backup and call facility. Touch should be pretty smooth. Please suggest some. Price can go upto 13k
  19. ashs1

    Confused like Hell for a ~20k phone !!!

    Hi guys :) After about 7 years, atlast, i decided to buy a new Android phone. I've been using Sony Ericsson W580i( :P pls don't laugh ) for calling/messaging purposes & an ipod touch ( which my brother no longer needed ) for my multimedia purposes. The SE W580i has been through the rough...
  20. sumonpathak

    Roccat Kone Pure Color

    So...thinking about getting one of this... Any thoughts? been using Roccat stuff for a while now....feels pretty good IMHO and the color ones look pretty delectable :P EDIT:9.42PM wow....30+views and no reply? NVM:got this kone pure color edition 8200DPI
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