1. S

    Needed your help with deciding on a format for my next indie game

    Hi guys. I am an indie game developer and I am in the planning stage for my next PC game. The format of the game is new and I would like some opinion on it. My game will be mainly story driven. Basically, I want to split my game up into episodes and seasons and release it like a TV show, one...
  2. vito scalleta

    Cheap HDMI cable

    Hey Guys, I want to connect my PC to my full hd tv . So i need a hdmi cable The gpu I have is an amd hd 7750 Iam having a wifi router very close to the TV. So the cable needs to avoid the interference Required length is 2 metre minimum Budget is rs.500 (cant exceed). Pls post...
  3. sling-shot

    Reliable USB hub with max cable length for desktop computer

    I am looking for a reliable USB hub with at least 1 meter cable length for my desktop computer as the front USB ports have rusted away and it is very annoying to reach the back ports. I have tried various local options including iBall products which either fail to recognise my devices...
  4. N

    CCTV Setup + View over extended LAN/WIFI

    Hi. I am setting a new CCTV Setup with 8 cameras, all night vision bullet type with 900 tvl resolution. I am confused about network function of DVR, so I havent decided on DVR yet. I will need to put dvr in work area. I want to view the cameras at my office, which is 200 meter distance...
  5. sling-shot

    Unequal cord length of headset

    Some hands free headsets provided by mobile phone manufacturers have unequal length for cords going to each ear. Why?
  6. Harshverma

    What cabinet for 12.1 inch (30.8cm) GPU in 5.5k

    hey I am planning for a new pc , what cabinet should i buy for enough space for Sapphire 270X Toxic Edition with Tri Cooler , length 12.1 inch or 30.8 cm within 5k (max stretch 5.5k), i will most probably Crossfire after a year.
  7. S

    Help with ADSL router- Asus/TP-Link

    One of my friend is looking for ADSL2 Modem router within buget of 1.5 - 2k in 150 Mbps series. He want to use it for his home of area of about 1200 sqft & with length range of about 50ft. (if he keep router in center of his home, considering both side of length) He is kind of more fan of Asus...
  8. A


    Hi friends Need help Can anyone tell me how can i know which type of RAM I am using in My PC I have a DDR3 2 GB RAM I need to upgrade it with an additional 4 GB RAM I found this in FLIPKART Memory Type: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 DIMM Memory Standard: DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 Compatible Device...
  9. V

    How to increase Speakers Cable Length ?

    Hi... I want to extend the wire length of my 5.1 speaker set. I have Logitech Z506 speakers that comes with pretty short RCA cables. How can I increase wire length of the rear speakers ?
  10. S

    audio syncing errors

    i am trying to merge some audio and video so there are two channels of audio which are quite possible by various merging softwares such as mkvmerge which is used by me........ but sometimes the audio and video are not of the same length...........so someone suggested me to slow down the fps of...
  11. S

    SE Update Service Problem

    I have a W300i.SE has stopped support for this phone. I wanted to reinstall my firmware as I am not able to send messages which are longer than 160 characters(1 message). I had sent messages of longer length earlier(upto 10 message length). So i wanted to try this reinstallation. I dont have...
  12. A

    increase wire length of headphones

    i just bought wired sennheiser HD408 headphones with 3.5mm port but the cable is just short while connecting to PC. is there any way to increase the wire length by small amount?
  13. Zangetsu

    A simple program help???

    Hi Guys, :oops: If have a problem in solving this & i googled but cudn't find ne solution... if integer a = 12345. write a program (without using any in-built function) in C++/C# or VB.NET. to find the length of integer a (obviously in this case it is 5).remember if its array then its...
  14. S

    Unix : CentOS 5 : File name length

    The max length of a file name is 255 characters. is there a way in which we can increase this, say double it?
  15. quan chi

    maximum cable length of a webcam.

    hi friends. well i want to know what is the maximum length of a webcam cable is.is it 30+ meters.
  16. goobimama

    Max LAN cable length?

    I need to connect a PC to a router, but it's really far away. I just need it for internet use and nothing else. Even if I get slow internet speeds (I've got 2mbps) it is okay. What is the max length that I can use for this purpose? Google says it's around 100 metres, but I was wondering whether...
  17. sg1

    how long does a post have to be to be counted?

    I've only just joined this forum, and have only made NINE posts:rolleyes: but it's only showing up as 3:( , I'm guessing that a post has to be a minimum length to be counted?:confused:
  18. blackpearl

    Try answer this one

    I saw this on Discovery channel and want to share it with you. Suppose we take a long ribbon and wrap it around earth, around the equator, so tight that not even a piece of paper can go between the ribbon and the earth. Now we increase the length of the ribbon by just 1 metre so that it...
  19. R

    Printer USB cable length

    Hi, What is the max length i could use a HP laserjet printer on a USB cable? On the supplied cable it works fine but when i tried with a 5 feet cable, the printer is not even detected. What s the max length workable? thanks for any inputs. Ramesh
  20. patkim

    SE W810i stereo headphones design

    I found that the SE W810i stereo headphones has asymmetric design i.e. length of L wire is much shorter that R. Also the split of two wires should be somewhere in between or near the headphones, in my case it starts just near the stereo jack and as I mentioned L is too short wile R is quite...
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