1. karthikn_jay

    Need a good In-Ear Earphones under 4000 rupees

    Please suggest a good in-ear ear phone. I'm looking with these features, 1. Clear sound quality with decent bass not too heavy bassy. 2. Good for long usage. 3. Tangle-less wire. 4. With volume buttons in the wire. I've used Creative EP830 before. And currently using JBL, it has decent bass and...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Confused to buy a BSNL Telephone line cable(copper) of 100ft.

    I want to buy a Telephone line/wire cable of copper,about 100ft. The wire should be a single or one pair wire. But I am confused about its other parameter of width(diameter)!!! Shall I buy the 0.4mm or the 0.5mm specs?
  3. stellar

    USB mouse wire

    I cut the ps optical mouse and i hace usb wire which i have cut too.Mouse have green,white,pink and blue wire while USB cable have green,white,red and black wire.Which wire should i connect so that mouse may work properly.
  4. seamon

    Oxygen Free Cu wire.

    It really makes a difference. I tried some normal wire with my JVC FX 850 and the stock OFC wire. Huge difference. Thoughts?
  5. vijju6091

    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360 wire controller for windows

    must be original as i need one . ping me :-D
  6. ajayritik

    How to repair the wire of the Brainwavz M1?

    I had bought the M1 couple of years ago from pristinenote. But now the wire connecting the left ear phone has come out slightly. Therefore I have to adjust it whenever I use it, to ensure I'm able to hear from the left ear phone otherwise it plays in only one earpiece. So how can I repair it...
  7. sandynator

    Suggestions required for rewiring of MTNL Telephone line with ADSL Broadband

    Hello guys, Recently faced some noise issue through my MTNL telephone line when it rained heavily & some frequent disconnections in my broadband too. So I have decided to replace the old wire line which comes to my home from MTNL Box. One of the MTNL customer care personal suggested me to...
  8. pranjal.3029

    Camera Bag under 700!

    This might seem like a very weird thing to ask but the bundled camera bag of my Nikon Coolpix P510 is very cramped after fitting all the wires and extra batteries. So can anyone suggest a camera bag which can easily accomodate my P510(advanced P&S) and its 3 batteries, an HDMI wire, a USB Wire...
  9. D

    Audio and Mic combined port for PC - Razer Electra

    I bought a Razer Electra from flipkart Flipkart - Link I bought this headset for gaming and VOIP(Skype), I previously had some cheap Phillips ones. But now after buying it I realized that the inline mic wire provided doesn't have Y split wire for separate audio jack one for audio and one...
  10. C

    XBOX 360 wired controller wire replacement

    I have a black xbox 360 controller for pc bought in october. I am facing connectivity issues like for a particular angle of wire I get connected for remaining I dont rendering my gamepad useless. Instead of going for total replacement which I am afraid will be costly, can anyone help me where...
  11. D

    [Query] NZXT Service Mumbai

    Hello everyone, Today one of the wires which connects the power button of the cabinet came out. So wanted to solder the wire. Anybody knows where I can fix this problem? using NZXT Gamma Cabinet. Thank you..
  12. C

    Xbox 360 wired Controller issue

    I used to play games on my pc using my xbox controller. One night while playing Bioshock I noticed some connection issues with the controller , like or a particular angle of wire leading into the controller would work and it for rest it wont. Thus I went to the nearest service centre and their...
  13. T

    FM Antenna Problem

    This might seem a bit funny, but I have an old FM Stereo Speaker set which mysteriously stopped receiving fm broadcasts. So, there are 2 jacks at the back: 45 ohm antenna Ground I got a really long insulated wire (just a simple stranded wire). The problem is all the set picks up is just...
  14. S

    IEH under 2k

    Guys, Planning to buy a In ear headphone. Already owns a Tekfusion Twin Woofer. Have to change to a different one as i had a pathetic customer care and the 3rd replaced unit's is damaged. Nee you opinions. + Love to listen to bass. + Should be comfortable for prolonged use. + Would...
  15. bee

    jugaad required :D

    hey guys, the thing is im presently in a hostel those guys have given a port for internet via which we can connect our laptop or pc using a lan wire( thats what it is called i guess) now the problem is that i dont have a pc or a lappy for that matter i wanted to know that can something...
  16. Ronnie11

    Weird router issue?!! and a buying advice

    Hey guys i have a small problem. My internet connection is from a local internet cablewallah. I was finally thinking of converting this cable internet connection of mine to Wifi. Now i already had a wifi router which is Asus RTN13U. I have been using this router for a year now with my other pc...
  17. C

    An issue with xbox 360 wired controller

    Hi guys, It has been an year since i bought my xbox 360 wired controller also used it only like for a month but im not able to use it anymore since it doesn't work for like more than a second. This part of wire is the main issue and if i twist it a bit the green light ring shows up but...
  18. R

    Fan wire attached to molex got shot. Needed assistance!

    Guys I really need your help! I was installing a new ventilation fan in my new PC that I just assembled a week or so back. When I switched it on, there was a spark and white smoke came out from some part above the graphic card with a very strong burning-like odor. I immediately switched it...
  19. harshilsharma63

    Converting cheap case fans to PWM

    hi. I noticed that two of my 80 mm non-pwm fans have a third solder point. Is this for the PWM input? If I solder a third wire here, then can the fan be operated like a 3-pin PWM fan?
  20. C

    Is it possible to change wire of inear earphone

    I have Brainwavz m2 which i bought few years ago & working amazingly until yesterday but yesterday wire stuck when i was sliding keyboard & got damaged at the "Y" joint now i have to change the wire of earphone is it possible? living in Mumbai
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