1. U

    Suggest a DDWRT wifi router

    Hi friends, Need some guidance. I am currently using TP-Link W8968 ADSL Modem wifi router with ACT fibrenet. The main problem for me is low wifi range. Within the same room where the router is located, no problems at all. But if I walk away upto some 20 feet, signal is very low and poor and...
  2. S

    Improving processing speed of laptop

    I have replaced motherboard in my laptop. After replacing, the speed of laptop is too low. What can I do to increase the speed?
  3. V

    How to improve my GRE Score

    Can anyone provide me the info to increase my GRE score? Whether it is possible to increase it after my graduation simply?
  4. Knight2A4

    Problem in memory overclocking of gtx 960

    Hello everyone, Need Experts advice related to a problem overclocking asus strix gtx 960 4 GB model. The problem is that GPU-Z shows that core clock incremental accurately but when I increase memory clock in only shows half increment. I had previously i owned gigabyte Hd 7750 while i tried...
  5. isenberg

    How to increase my knowledge about computers

    Hi, I have just taken admission into engineering college.... but there's nothing much interesting in the cse syllabus... what I want to know is how do I increase my REAL computer knowledge... like how do I know about how websites work, how do I learn about programming, how do I learn about dbms...
  6. harshilsharma63

    How to increase weight proportionally and on healthy way

    Hi guys. You may not be knowing but I'm a thin guy. I want to increase my nofy weight but I don't know jow. I'm eating lot of desi ghee these days and havw added an extra roti in my meals but only tummy is increasing :lol:. What are some hwalthy ways for doing this? Joining a gym is out of acope...
  7. A

    I have just rooted my phone.What should i do now?

    I have rooted My Xperia E C 1504 by Using Kingo Root.I want to know what should i do now.Which apps should i install and how to increase ram and how to increase cpu performance.And how to make my device safe from any virus.
  8. Ironman

    A few Questions that popped in my Mind !

    #1) I am a Final Year Student. There are Some Companies recruiting students like TCS,IBM,Capgemini,CTS,Wipro,Infosys etc I want to know about these companies in a relative manner like "this better than that" in terms of the following a.Training (During first Few months) b.Pay Increase c.Chance...
  9. roypurohit

    [SmartPhone] Gartner Statistical Report

    Gartner has released its Q2 2013 mobile phones sales report, which shows that smartphones have outsold featurephones for the first time. Worldwide smartphones sales grew up to 225 million units, a 46.5% increase from the same period last year. This has mostly come at the expense of feature...
  10. J

    SSD Performance boost

    How much of a performance boost does an SSD, say Samsung Pro 840 256 GB, provide? Will just the read/write and boot-up/shutdown speeds increase, or will the overall execution speed of programs increase too. I think a naive question but will the performance of say an i3 3220 with the above...
  11. digit06

    windows 8 rating problem

    hey guys I just installed windows 8 from windows 7 and in windows 7 I was have a rating for 3d business for gaming and graphics performances I was having 4.4 and for aero performance I was having 3.5 but now In windows 8 please tell how to increase it My system specs: Intel Core 2 duo...
  12. O

    Increase C drive space

    I want to increase the space in my friends Pc. But I dont find any option for "Delete Partion" in D drive. why? And the C drive space is only 5GB whereas in Disk 0 area it shows 24 GB. How? Below is the screenshot of manage screen Please help. What are the step to be taken increase the space...
  13. B

    Laptop Battery

    Hi Guys, I have been experiencing some problems with my laptop its with the following config Core i5-430M Nvidia Geforce GT 330M 4 GB RAM 500 GB HDD Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit 6 Cell Li-ion Battery My laptop's battery's giving me 1 Hr 16 Mins without Aero(ADSL no wifi/BT)...
  14. R

    Best iphone 4 deal for around 20K!

    Can anyone suggest me some sites to buy iphone 4 for around 20k?I am open to buy it from grey market.Can I get iphone 4s even if its used if I increase my budget by 4k? Please someone suggest!
  15. Tobuscus

    Have you guys tried out this way to get 2mbps Internet speed?

    Hey,guys I don't usually try out any of those video tutorials on youtube which promise 500% increase in internet speed,because i'm not that stupid.:-D I know you only get the speed your ISP allows you. But this one seems a bit legit. I tried this and i found a significant increase in...
  16. sanny16

    suggestion needed on upgrading old pc

    I have a 6 year old Desktop. It has IDE hdd connection. Currently pc config is 512 mb ddr1 ram and 80gb hdd, intel pentium 4 with win xp. I want to upgrade it in order to increase its speed for processing a task. Can i add wifi card in the cpu cabinet? how many gb of ram and hdd can i add ? And...
  17. ico

    How to increase the number of call history entries in iPhone? It only shows 2 days?

    How to increase the number of call history entries in iPhone? It only shows 2 days? Sorry can't google as GPRS is slow. :(
  18. S

    PC update - To be or..

    Hi guys, My present config reads as Q8400 Quad Core (OCZ Freeze frequently) Intel DG45ID (Entertainment series) 4GB DDR2 800 MHz 500GB 7200.12 Barracuda 9500GT 1GB DDR3 Corsair VX450 KB+Mouse+Optical Drive. My usage, is well, quite intense at times. I bought this PC back in 2009...
  19. ajayashish

    Can I use 2 Router to increase range

    hi, I have 2 Netgear ADSL+ wireless router. I am currently using one and whenever I am in the inner room, the signal is weak. Is there a possibility to use both of them and increase the range of Wireless network. if yes, how to do that.
  20. C

    What changes do I need to my rig?

    I am planning to assemble a computer with the following configuration. Please suggest changes if any. The configuration costs around my budget and I don't want to increase my budget.
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