How to improve file copying speed on Windows 7 ?


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I know at times you may have wondered the slowness of file copying using windows file explorer..

Its time to switch to TeraCopy...!!!

TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector

Just try it out .. i have had 30 % increase in file copying speed when i copy files from hard disk to usb drive.. and i even got max speed of 30MB/s using Sony SD cards (its max speed is 30 MB/s).

FYI, I'm using the free version and perfectly happy with it..


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Terracopy is not good.Fast copy is the fastest,search for reviews:)

Terracopy is not good.Fast copy is the fastest,search for reviews:)


Don't these Fast-Copying applications cause certain level of physical damage to the storage device ???
I find my WIndows 8 file copying mechanism good enough.


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All this file copier uses a mechanism for copying speed...which default windows copy doesn't.

like if u cancel copying in windows it will cancel all the file copied..but in case of Teracopy chunk of file remains...

also copying speed also depends on we see in SSD


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Thanks NanduCob. That's an interesting article.
Will give a try on Fastcopy.
ah..that was easy:D

Fast copy utilises the full potential during transfers from pc to my classless(lol) Sdmmc,whereas the windows default copy lags and gets stucks alot.


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super copier or try windows 8

Supercopier at the bottom, in the list shared by Nanducob.

FastCopy 2.08 (57 seconds)
ExtremeCopy Pro 1.5.1 (57 seconds) *
TeraCopy 2.12 (65 seconds) *
RichCopy 4.0.217 (66 seconds) *
KillCopy 2.85 (74 seconds)
Ultracopier (75 seconds)
PerigeeCopy 1.2 (75 seconds) *
Robocopy (75 seconds)
Windows 7 (76 seconds)
Copy Handler 1.32.276 (77 seconds) *
MiniCopier 0.5 (79 seconds)
Copywhiz 4.0 Build 3 (82 seconds)
SuperCopier 2.2 (86 seconds) *
Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier 5.2 (86 seconds)
QCopy 1.0.2 (409 seconds)


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^^ my experience is exactly the opposite .. have you tried the latest beta version ( 2.3 ) ?
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