1. ithehappy

    Is Teracopy the fastest out there?

    As the title asks...or any better available?
  2. I

    Better Freeware: FastCopy v/s TeraCopy

    Which one is the best file transfer software (by best I mean the fastest and more reliable) between these two: FastCopy or TeraCopy? Suggestions please!
  3. C

    How to improve file copying speed on Windows 7 ?

    I know at times you may have wondered the slowness of file copying using windows file explorer.. Its time to switch to TeraCopy...!!! TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector Just try it out .. i have had 30 % increase in file copying speed when i copy files from hard disk to usb...
  4. TheMost

    File copying prob !

    U saw that ?? This is with my PC - Specs in my signature I have a dell Studio 15 and it takes file copying at 15MB/sec ( I use the same teracopy there also ) copy was from HDD to Pen drive Why is it so ??? Is there something wrong with my PC ?? I don't have any malware !
  5. webgenius

    PC gets too slow when copying files from DVD

    Hello everyone, My PC gets too slow when I copy files from my DVD to PC. My machine specs are as follows: AMD Athlon64 3500+ Biostar Mobo 1GB Ram SONY DRU-820A Dual layer DVD writer XFX 7600GS Nowadays I use a program called Teracopy. Before, I used Windows default copy mechanism. Most of the...
  6. Choto Cheeta

    TeraCopy - A local file transfer accelerator

    You have download managers, download accelerators, now you have a local file transfer accelerator, called TeraCopy… Which promises to speed up file transfer speed under you local Hard Drive… Click here to download TeraCopy The installation is straight forward… Once you install it, it...
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