1. Ronnie012

    Thumbdata 3 eating up all my space

    So my phone was showing space issues and hanging constantly. I tried uninstalling apps and stuff but still the space issue continued. I finally found out that one file is eating up all the space. File is named Thumbdata3 under DCIM folder. It is currently consuming 4.15gb of my...
  2. G

    Backup Software for Creating an Image of the HDD?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some software that can create an Image of the External HDD's data so in the case of need I can restore that image, also Please tell for the 2 TB hdd, How much space is required for the Image file on the another HDD? Regards, GEEK_LEARNS
  3. JGuru

    Foundation of Java Programming

    Foundation of Java Programming This is guide for learning Java programming for budding programmers & those who are beginning Java programming. These are very introductory programs (beginner to intermediate level). In order to become a very good programmer you need to be 1) Very good...
  4. D

    excel contacts to android device

    dear all i restored my phone to factory default. earlier i have saved my contacts to excel file using app. now i want to restore my contacts. but that app is asking money. can anyone help me find a free app which can import my contats from excel file to my phone contacts. tried most of...
  5. Cyberghost

    Popular BitTorrent Client Transmission Gets Infected With Malware Again

    Source: Transmission
  6. JGuru

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java To write better software you need to engineer the software components, use the Core Java API well to write a better software. Here are some sample softwares like editor, imageviewer, download manager, calculator, zip archiver...
  7. S

    3D model/animation/skeleton/texture/vfx viewer

    Hello everyone I am a boy of 18 years old.I am fond of playing moba games and i want to request something to all of you.will it be possible for anyone to create a Create a 3D Model/Skeletal/Animation/texture/vfx viewer tool which can change the file extensions. I want the above mentioned...
  8. G

    I cannot able to create file or folder with name "2" in windows 7 why?

    I cannot able to create file or folder with name "2" in windows 7 why?
  9. M

    Please help with CSVDE

    Using Windows server 2008 I am trying to export users in Active directory through CSVDE but it is not working. I am using this csvde -f C:\Scripts\csvusr.csv -p subtree -r "(&(objectCatagory=person)(objectClass=user)(givenName=*))" -l "cn,givenName,objectClass,samAccountName" and...
  10. J

    Missing of Tally9 data file

    Hi Friends, I have faced a typical problem while working with Tally9. I am running Win 7-Ult(64-bit) Desktop & installed Tally 9(32-bit), which naturally found its place in Program Files(x86)\Tally. Here I have created a co. & started entering data. After some work, I wanted...
  11. C

    sd card error

    What's wrong with my sd card? Everytime i store data on and then happen to remove it from the phone and later have it back on, all the files can't be opened,. It either says "file does not exist" or "there was an error opening this file" Is there a setting that i need to adjust?
  12. ajayritik

    Unable to play a 13 GB Video file copied on my external HDD connected to my TV

    I have a 2 TB External HDD in which I copied a 13 GB Video file and connected to my TV. However the video doesn't show when I connect the HDD to the TV. Even though the folders is visible. What could be the possible reason? I used to watch similar sized movies on my TV with another 1 TB...
  13. ax3

    google cloud !!!

    hi, have uploaded a file on google cloud free storage using my gmail acc ... now want to share this file to my frd ... if i share the link, will he be also able to access my gmail account ??? Thanx
  14. Knight2A4

    Script to automate file transfer from my seed box to my local drive

    Hello Everyone, I would require some help in writing a script to Automatically Backup files some remote sever to local drive over ftp. O.K am a mech. And being trying to find a way to automate file transfer from my seed box to my local drive. By googling I reached to this article how to...
  15. patkim

    Looking for Free online storage with FTP access.

    While there are several free & paid cloud storage services available, I am looking for a basic online storage (< 100 MB space is also more than sufficient) but supporting FTP upload. So that I can easily write batch file to automate file upload. Not much concerned on security here as well. Any...
  16. B

    Need help with Win 10

    Hi Guys, My cousin got a new Win 10 laptop yesterday. We need your help with few issues- 1. We have two old pc's at home, one is running Win XP SP2 and the other one is running Win 7 Ultimate. The first one is connected to the internet via lan cable and the other one via wifi. Is it...
  17. ITTechPerson

    Particular Excel file gets hang while editing

    I am using Office 2007. Every other files are working fine. Facing trouble with 1 particular file. While editing it's getting non-responsive for few minutes then responses. The file was with several worksheets, I have deleted all except the one I needed. What could be the cause?
  18. M

    Unable to locate the voice recording file

    I am unable to locate the voice recording file in my Nokia X2. I can see it in the file manager on my phone but not on my PC when I connect the phone.
  19. mohityadavx

    Suggestion Needed for Setting up File Sharing System at University

    Hey Folks, Well at our university we do not have any file sharing system in place, and we are trying to convince the IT Department to put one in place. Since, they are not keen on implementing one or maybe they are just clueless (which is a real possibility) about file sharing systems in...
  20. F

    Trance Global Vol 55

    Mixset: Trance, Global Vol 55 DJ: Anuj Genre: Progressive & Vocal Trance Date Released: Nov 07, 2015 Duration: 43:34 mins File Format: MP3 320kbps stereo File Size: 100MB Tracklist: 01. LTN, Ai Takekawa, Kokai - Just Another Man (Extended Mix) 02. Jacqueline - Rise Up...
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