Help me decide between KG300, K750i, N72

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Hello friends,
Recently i have decided to move to new mobile. After some research i shortlisted LG KG300, Sony K750i, Nokia N72.
I would use the phone mainly for taking pics, music and also as pen drive.

Please reply asap

Please also let me know if there are any other good phones in this price range.
And can someone explain me the use of autofocus?

Thanks in advance.


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K750 other 2 mp phone comes close...and n72?? :O u actually shortlisted that?...

autofocus is used by the cam to focus on an object and lock the screen so as to prevent ne shakiness in the pic...

i think k750 is the way forward for u owing to ur necessities in mind..awesum cam..more than enuf music player....

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Autofocus is needed to give you crisp & clear pictures.If camera does not have autofocus its results are poor.I suggest you go for Lg kg 300 or if you can spend a few more bucks go for nokia 5700 or Sony ericsson w810i.Nokia 5700 cam quality is average,but leaving camera the phone is great.


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Neither of these. Get K550i+2gb M2 memory card+HPM-70 headset. Focussing is a method where the distance between the lens and the sensor is adjusted so as to get the subject in 'focus' where it is clearly seen with well defined edges. Autofocus is a method where the camera automaticaly focusses on the subject depending upon the distance. This increases the time between starting the camera and actually capturing but is well worth the delay due to sharper images with better details.


as Krazyfrog sayed it K550i+2gb M2 memory card+HPM-70 get it
or w810i but its old
BTW: strict no no for n72


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Thank you all for such a quick response.
Is it true that 750i isnt being produced as naveen_reloaded said?? bcoz i could see it included in the latest mobile prices post.

After reading your comments i am interested in going for either 750i or kg300.

750i because its price is almost equivalent to 550i as mentioned in latest cellphone prices post(7.2k (with BT headset) instead of 7.1k for 550i). BTW i didnt liked the keypad for 550i

And KG300 because it is cheaper than 750i and has got a larger screen.

I would go with KG300 if 750i is only slightly better.

Please help me decide

Also if u can please tell me the latest prices for these phones. I stay in Hyderabad.

Thanks in advance


i dont suggest u For Kg300 becoz of its online (i meant forums and tricks ) support compared to SE and availability of softwares and themes which boost's ur mobile worth to a lot and k750 is a awesome mobile
and also check once w810i too
anna nuvvu hyderabadi na
maadi hyderabadey meedi hyderabadey :)) :D :))
now iam in ELURU


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well dont go for k550i...its cam sucks at night friend is using it...w810i still rocks in the night time aslo..

k550i dont have zoom and night mode in the camera mode...

k750i beats w810i when listening music through speaker but w810i kicks k750i when listened through headset...

from all the above mentioned w810i has the best screen clarity..............

this is all about from my personal experience...correct me if am wrong...

if i were u i would get a 6233[7k]....or w810i[8.7k]....


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K750i/K550i is best option as camera....But it is strange nobody is suggesting N72...Its not bad either....Carl Zeiss optics, decent music player....Equally good option....moreover it is Symbian based...More flexibility to install application....KG300 is not in the league compared to the other two


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I would like to thank u all for ur support and help.
I will go for K750i and flash it to W800i.
My last question is how safe is flashing and can i reinstall original version in case if i screw up.

Any tutorials for flashing would also be useful

Thanks in advance


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@gaurav_s69 the tutorials have been posted here. Just search within Mobile Monsters.

@sandeepkochhar N72 does not have Carl Zeiss optics but you're right, apart from the fact that it is a bit slow it is not a bad phone.


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KG300 was my last phone. Its a good phone in its range. The one thing it has got is an awesome 320x240 256k display on a 1.9" screen, which no other phone has got within this range. The pixels are too small that you need a lens to figure it out. This makes the display very crisp to watch videos and movies.
Other than a good display and nice looks, it has got nothing else. Battery life is very very low. Camera quality is below average. See the blurriness in the image shot with this camera.
Forget about playing games or installing java apps in it; damn slow.
Sound quality through speakers is comparable to Sony Ericsson.

Therefore, considering your requirements, I would recommend:
K750- for Music and excellent pics
KG300 - awesome display and for use as a Pen drive. Just plug it in and it becomes a PD.
N72 - if you want Symbian OS and better-than-KG300-camera


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k750i .. no doubt abt it .. superb phone ..great camera ..very good music ..highly moddable ..etc ..

i have used k550i for few days ..and its camera module is clearly not as good as k750i one ..

just be sure that when u get k750i . check its joystick carefully ..cos i have seen few of my friends k750i joysticks not working properly even on new handsets ..i had one with perfect operation .. and if u take good care of it & clean it everyday, then u wont face the famous joystick prob associated with k750i..

flashing it to w800i is very easy ..there is a thread abt it here ..u can revert back to org firmware .. also u brick ur phone in the process even then u can install the soft on ur own. i had done that on my k750i . so dont worry abt modding .

get k750i ..
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