1. Gauravs90

    Gaming Laptop recommendation for around Rs 1.40 lac

    Hi Guys, I'm going to buy a MSI GE62VR 7RF Apache PRO for Rs 1,35,000 locally. GE62VR 7RF Apache Pro | MSI Global | Laptops - The best gaming laptop provide Buy MSI GE62VR 7RF Apache Pro 15.6-inch Laptop (Corei7-7700HQ+HM175/16GB/256GB + 1TB SATA 7200rpm/Windows 10/6GB Graphics) With...
  2. C

    mobile getting on and off

    Hi! I'm new here, I bought a used iPhone 5. it was ok initially, but after 1 one month it started by itself getting on and off. can you solve this problem plz?? thanks in advance
  3. A

    Which GTX 1060 to buy?

    Alright so my HD6870 died on me a few days back and i have been thinking of upgrading. Between the rx480 and gtx 1060 i have decided to go for the 1060. The zotac mini is the cheapest one i could find for 21.5k Buy Online | Zotac GTX 1060 Mini Graphic Card ZT-P10600A-10L | Price in Indi...
  4. A

    Overclocking my cpu

    I have an amd athlon x2 260 cpu and want to overclock it . I want to know if it will void warrenty of my gpu or motherboard as well or only the cpu thnx in advance
  5. M

    Looking for HeadPhone with Mic

    Hello Guys, looking for Headphone with Mic.(going to use it with Oneplus One). -> MIC is must -> Budget 1000(Max 1200) -> Should be durable. -> Should have great bass Please help me in deciding. Thanks in advance. Have Sounmagic models in mind. read somewhere that they are not durable enough.
  6. P

    Looking to buy cat 6 cable

    I am looking to buy cat 6 cable 15-20m cheap which actually has cat 6 speeds. There are a lot of them and i cannot decide which will be the best. Thanks in advance.
  7. N

    Yamaha SZ-R Clucth Adjustment

    Dear Auto Experts, I own a Yamaha SZ-R 2011 model. I don't feel comfortable with it's clutch as I need to release the clutch fully (100%) to move the bike. Previously I had a discover 100 CC with the same problem which has rectified by a mechanic from my home town- Kerala...
  8. S

    Buying headphones in 2k budget

    Hi guys, I want to buy a headphone without mic in 2k budget. I am bit confused between Sony MDR-XB450 and JBL T250SI. If you think there is some other product better than these two then do tell me. I usually listen to instrumentals with good bass or classic rock. Thanks in advance.
  9. jatt

    How to control youtube and customise for kids

    Hi frnds, I am looking for quickest and easiest way to make YouTube kid-friendly.I don't want youtube's full video access to my kid on iPad. What do i need to do? Is there any specific app for that.Thanks in advance.
  10. C

    CPU processor fan starts and stops

    Hello People, Few days ago while my PC was on, it suddenly shut down. I tried to reboot the PC but found out that the processor fan is starting and then stopping in 1-2 seconds. Tried removing and reconnecting the cables, but it didn't work. My assumption is the PSU isn't working. Any other...
  11. S

    When I will get the magazine

    Hi folks, I have subscribed for 3 month full pack trail version from july to sept. I don't know wen I will get the magazine. please someone tell me when I will get the magazine exactly. Thanks in advance Karthick
  12. jatt

    Can I recover data from a Mac hard drive using a PC

    Hi frnds, I want to copy data from a Macbook hdd,and my Macbook is not turning on but hdd is in good condition so i want to recover hdd whole stuff to my win 7 computer.How can i do that? Is there any software by which's help i can see my Macbooks HDD into my windows 7 PC.Please guide...
  13. C

    Creative SBS A60

    Hi, I'm planning to get these for my desktop, I wanna know if there are better options available in the same price range, also your views on these speakers. Thanks in advance. :)
  14. aal-ok

    Chrome problem

    I have win 7 installed on my laptop, whenever I switch it on and open chrome, It does not work :-x it opens but when i try opening google or fb or anything nothing happens, even the settings bookmarks or history tabs are not opening. so I have to log off and on and try to open chrome as quick...
  15. masterkd

    Need refrigerator budget ₹25000-30000

    I need a refrigerator within ₹25000-30000 Approx 285 L will be suffice Please suggest some models Thanks in advance
  16. ShankJ

    Quick help buying gaming laptop ~50K

    I would have filled the questionnaire but since its for my friend, so i dont have much idea.. Need a gaming laptop for about 50K +-5K, 15.6 inch would be preferable.. He needs it purely for gaming and general college stuff.. Thanks in advance.. (Note - I personally despise HP) - - - Updated...
  17. Nerevarine

    Best Router within Rs 2k

    Looking for the best router under 2k.. Priorities (in order) -DDWRT support -Good warranty -Good Range Usb is an added bonus but not looking for it specifically Im open to ASUS, Dlink, netgear and TP Link only.. thanks in advance
  18. T

    Samsung is working slow:(

    Dont know why my samsung duos is functioning very slowly and as a reason of which i am not able to do my work in my mobile on time. Please help me out with it. Thanks in advance.
  19. A

    selling photon plus

    hi guys i want to sell my photon plus it is registered with my id proof and address what should be the precautions taken by me please advice thanks in advance
  20. C

    laptop within 25000

    Hey guys...plz suggest me a laptop within rs 25000.. thnx in advance
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