1. K

    sony ericsson k750i for sale

    sony ericsson k750i for sale a used phone which is 6 months old with 512 mb memory card price Rs.5000 all set included *battery *handset *charger *data cable *pc suite disc *head phones (all original) pls contact me(karthick.892@mail.com)
  2. Z

    Sony Ericsson k750i for cheap- good mobile

    Hello guys, I am selling my Sony Ericsson k750i which is finely working. I have been using k750i firmware only. If you want it I can get it modded to w800i. The battery backup also very very good. You will get- Original Headphones that came with mobile 64 MB card...
  3. ionicsachin

    Sony Ericsson K750i + 2GB MSProDuo + Original HPM-71 Headphones

    I bought a new O2 XDA Neo, so selling out my 18 months old SE K750i, It is in moderate condition with few scratches on screen. It is customised (PM me abt that). K750i is known for its superb picture quality. Here is a review...
  4. S

    Sony K750i for 3500/- only

    My 2 yrs old K750i is up for sale. I bought it for Rs. 12,300/- and it never gone bad and working perfectly till date. I m using with screen guard from the first day. Some scratches are visible on body. It has a very good camera and sound quality. Price 3500/- only. Original Box available...
  5. H

    Selling my K750i

    Hi ppl, I am from Coimbatore,TamilNadu.I have been using the K750i for the past one year and now wanting to sell it so interested buyers pls post here or mail me at harish619@gmail.com Bundle: -K750i handset -Power cable -USB Cable -HeadPhones -Manuals -Box :D Thinking of selling it for...
  6. S

    GPRS problem in SE k750i

    Hi Guys, I bought a SE K750i some days ago. Everything is fine with the phone except the GPRS problem. I am in Bangalore and using Vodafone network. After following the necessary steps for a GPRS connection, the operator sent me an SMS that this phone doesn't support it. I asked the customer...
  7. D

    MuSic phone within 15k!!!!

    Im lookin for a awsommm music phone within 15k wid a decent cam..... i ve been suggested the N73 Music as my best option but what do u guys think?? Is there anything else which beats tht???? I wud prefer nokia coz i used to have a k750i and i believe the menu's etc in SE phones r all same n...
  8. A

    better than 6233 or k750i under 10k price ?

    Hi, I was planning to buy a 7k handset and after going through this forum choosed either nokia 6233 or sony k750i, now i have further increased my budget by 3k to 10,000/- please suggest any other handset better than these two under 10k range. thanks
  9. S

    k750i with scratch guard + silicon cover + leather bag

    i m selling my year old sony ericsson k750i with all original accessories with scratch resistant screen guard + silicon cover + leather bag for rs.5500. oNLY FOR DELHI BUYERS.
  10. C

    K550i failed?

    is k550i failed? I found it price less than the price of very old and popular k750i k550i is not better or as good as k750i? although it is marked as cybershot it looks very stylish but I think keypad may be the problem, but just keypad should not be the factor of success or failure of the...
  11. S

    k750i for sale....

    I wanna sale my one yr old k750i with original accessories...for Rs. 5500. Delhi buyers preferred.
  12. G

    Help me decide between KG300, K750i, N72

    Hello friends, Recently i have decided to move to new mobile. After some research i shortlisted LG KG300, Sony K750i, Nokia N72. I would use the phone mainly for taking pics, music and also as pen drive. Please reply asap Please also let me know if there are any other good phones in this...
  13. H

    mobile phone having camera like K750i except other SE phones?

    I m going to buy new mobile for camera And got detail about k750i. It’s a good phone for me as camera phone and within my budget but I don’t like Sony Ericsson for its brittleness and with k750i its joystic. Any other brands like Nokia, Samsung have good quality camera phone in low budget like...
  14. N

    Difference between K550i and K750i

    I am going to buy new mobile phone and wondering which one to bye K550i or K750i Is there any technical difference between this two mobile except its looks and design and specially its 2 mega pixel camera? Is it true that k550i keypad is brittle and not good for texting?
  15. C

    Sort it out

    From blow which having the best camera and worth to buy it as camrea phone? And good choice compare to its price and toughness a) Nokia 3500 b) Nokia 6300 c) Nokia 6120 d) SE k750i / w810i e) SE k550i f) Samsung e840 Note : don’t include or recommend your own option in the list.
  16. S

    How to Display Location with K750i

    Hello Friends, May title not accurate but I don't know better than this.:( With my Nokia handset I always get the Location/Area/City name, wherever I go. :) I would like to have it with SE K750i but don't know what settings will start displaying it? :confused: At present I'm with Outdoor...
  17. S

    Having K750i for 2 Yrs. What next ???

    Hi Friends, I am having K750i for around 2 yrs and I love it. Although I am not having any problem with it but I want to change it because it does not have EDGE. I am using Airtel Mobile Office so speed will increase with EDGE enabled phone. My budget is only around 8000-10000. My requirements...
  18. Tech$oft

    In Sound Which is Better In XM

    In Xm Which sounds best 5700,5310 or 5610 Because im Fred up with my K750i I prefer music only.
  19. New

    How to install Pc suite in Ubuntu?

    I need to install sony ericsson pc suite on my newly installed ubuntu to connect my system to net through K750i..Please tell me the procedure to install it .
  20. ring_wraith

    Razr vs. k750i

    Help me decide! Moto Razr V3i vs. SE k750i. Phone will primarily be used for talking, talking photos. I love the style and screen of the Razr, but love the cam on the k750i!
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