1. G

    LAPTOP 40-45k ....URGENT FAST posting for frnd

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40-45k maximum 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14" - 16" 1080p must** 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? for ENGG work primary...then surfing+movies(multimedia)...
  2. G

    need 3 iem ....700-700-700 each....asap

    m looking for 3 earphones for friends ....all 3 should less than 700rs.....sound magic es 18 is my 1st choice ....i need best overall performance ...i personally use mi piston 3 i want performance like mi piston 3....plz give suggs asap ....buying sooon ....ty ty ty !!!
  3. Uchihamadara

    headphones for gaming and movies

    hello everyone i want to purchase a headphone under 1 k cannot extend beyond that which would be used just for gaming and movies .i want to buy them asap
  4. P

    Need peripheral for shop (namely photo printer, copier) . Help ASAP!

    Need the cheapest laser copier (or an mfd will do, if performance of copier is good) with the lowest running cost. Also, need a good quality (inkjet) photo printer with the lowest running cost. My budget for both is 16K to 18K. Need these for shop. Please help asap, will buy asap. Thank you!
  5. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Hard Disk under threat? system restarts automatically

    i have a laptop from my friend and its giving issues . heres a crystaldiskinfo shot Help guyz ASAP if i should change the HDD or not ?
  6. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] i5 4570 or i5 4440

    Hai, I want to buy i5 4570 or i5 4440 if available for a competitive prices.PM me asap.
  7. G

    need smartphone budget 20-22k... asap!!

    Hey i want to buy new smartphone.... Budget arnd 20-22k....23k suggest best possible phone within my range.... Asap!!
  8. A

    All Games lagging SO BAD! Help ASAP

    Hi guys ! I wish I'm posting at the right place.. My PC Configuration- AMD Phenom II x4 960T 4GB RAM HD 7850 2GB HDD=500GB+1TB Win7 64-bit Few days back I was playing NFS Rivals and noted that it was lagging horribly with the intervals of 10-15 secs .I thought it was because my...
  9. Arnab

    Get Net Broadband- Reviews

    Hello, Anybody have any idea how is get net broadband? My cable operators are providing it so if anyone knows how it works and its connection quality, Please Advice. I am really need of a Good Internet ASAP. Regards AD
  10. K

    Need Ur help guys... Badly ...asap removing Cryptorbit Ransom virus

    All my files videos, pdfs are encrypted and want to gain access to them again pls help me asap.../ thanks/. See the image in the link.//..
  11. A

    Need Help ASAP to buy a game

    I need to buy Hotline Miami from Humble bundle Store ASAP. Will pay by whatever means I can. PS: This post is only valid till midnight 20/11/13 PPS: Message me on Steam/this forum once before making any purchase
  12. sahil1033

    Assembling CPU for the first time, facing problems, help ASAP

    Hi there, I'm actually replacing my old cabby and old PSU. So, I assembled my CPU, everything was going fine, infact I assembled successfully but when I turned on the system, continuous 4 beep sound is all I could hear, help me ASAP as I'm getting really annoyed.
  13. rider

    [URGENT] WiFi Router for WiMax Connection

    I have taken a wimax connection from BSNL. All I need is to get a router from so that I can use wifi at home. Please recommend me ASAP. How about this? Does this works in my case...
  14. Nerevarine

    Interesting Bachelor cooking recipes

    Share your interesting bachelor recipes .. Must not involve any major hassle and to cook ASAP .. Typically with Microwave/Induction cooker etc
  15. $hadow

    Buying AC need help ASAP

    Hi guys Just renovated my room and now I am in the need of buying a new one ASAP. My room is 20*10 and i am looking for a 1.5ton split ac. I am looking for a brand which could serve for at least 4 to 5 years. Here is my list of AC's brand I shortlisted 1. Trane India 2. Hitachi 3...
  16. shreymittal

    Need IEM's under 1K

    Guys suggest Earphones/IEM's under 1K from, as i got coupon of rs750 please suggest ASAP Howz this one or this...
  17. sunny4691

    [Want to Buy] Need a Sound Card

    Hi guys, Will like to buy a PCI E Sound card like Asus xonar dg, etc Please PM me all offers, need one ASAP. Thanks
  18. KiLL

    Suggest the best phn under 15k..ASAP

    Finally my dad is back home and he told that he would be buying me a phone under 15k .. :-) So here are my requirements- 1.Android 4.1 or greater 2.dual core or higher 3.Minimum 4.5inch screen I am thinking about Canvas 3D Canvas HD and Xolo q800.. Please suggest ASAP .. Its now or never..
  19. V

    New battery for my lg o1

    I have to purchase a new battery for my lg optimus one. Battery model no is much will it cost and from where should i purchase it? Need it ASAP
  20. sahil1033

    Crack these, please please please !!

    There are 2 files and it requires to complete a survey, me and one of my friend tried a lot and it's not working for us. Just try if you can crack it, it would so kind of you and when you're done please PM me ASAP, thank you.
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