1. bubusam13

    Buying acording to requirement

    Hi, I need a new cell phone as my N72 got old and I'm a bit irritated with it. I need a phone according to my requirements. I have no brand restrictions. requirements: GPS, very good messaging (preferably qwerty), should be able to read pdf (N72 also have this option) [ 3G is welcome...
  2. joey_182

    Need Help Once Again!!!

    Hi guys, Back after months...I still remember the time when i wanted to buy smart phone in 2006 I was here to discuss the N72 at that time..and digitians helped to buy N72 and I am still happy to have that...but now I am in search of another mobile... requirements: -full access to...
  3. M

    N72 WoW Video Tone

    My Nokia N72 was getting hanged and there was a bug in Memory Card. Which I didn't know. Because this issue was persistent from 3-4 months. I tried reinstalling the OS couple of times and the issue used to get fixed. However, couple of weeks back I had the same kind of issue, where I couldn't...
  4. V

    Edit C,C++,Html in mobile

    Friends can we execute program in cell phone written in c/c++/java/html if yes how ? my handset : Nokia N72
  5. V

    Website for themes and software :

    Friends i am planning to buy Nokia N72 on Deepavali 29/10/08. Where can i get themes,wallpaper,softwares for Nokia N72 for free. Friends if possible suggest me few good application for it. Can any one provide link to matrix theme (numbers falling) HAPPY DIWALI FRIENDS
  6. Dr.tweaker

    does the nokia n72 have a2dp support????

    hi,does the nokia n72 have a2dp bluetooth support for listening songs,also what is the upper limit of its memory card??if it does not support a2dp,then is there any hack or firmware update to enable this?
  7. Dr.tweaker

    which type of memory card is there in nokia n72??

    :confused: i recently came by a review(sorry,forgot the source) of nokia n72 which mentioned about its expandable storage as "rs dv mmc"which is "reduced size dual voltage multimedia card".my question is what type of card is it?is it different from the standard sd,microsd,mini sd,t-flash or...
  8. Dr.tweaker

    does the nokia N72 at all deserves to be in N series???

    recently i was planning to buy the nokia N72 (as it fits within my budget),but after walking up to the nokia priority dealer i learnt that its a non3g set.even nokia 6233 is much cheaper than n72 and its a 3g(but it does not have a flash and its a symbian series 40)so is nokia n72 worth a...
  9. Dr.tweaker

    can anyone suggest the latest price of nokia N72 in kolkata

    hi,i am planning to buy a nokia phone around rs6500 to 7000.can i get a nokia n72 within this budget??if not,will nokia 6233 be a better buy??does nokia 6233 has a 2mp camera with flash?also is it a 3g enabled handset?Thanks in advance
  10. axxo

    Nokia N72 display problem

    I owe nokia n72 which was in offline mode far past few weeks. Today when i switch on the phone i could notice a thin vertical line in the lcd display. Everything else seems to work fine although. The fone is under warranty. Is the issue resolvable by doing any tweak or i need to replace the...
  11. abhasbajpai

    is there any way on n72 to tell it is in roaming

    I have N72 and frequently i visit state borders, of UP/Hariyana/NCR. I have i sim of UP West, Now i want know that like in old phones which, display a triangle (delta) shape on the screen when you are in roaming circle, is some thing is available for N72 ? so that come to know when i left my...
  12. S

    photo lock for n72

    PLZ kindly tell me how to lock or hide a particular picture in nokia N72 mobile phone..its quite urgent....
  13. Debu_013

    Nokia N72 problem

    Hello I have bought a new Nokia N72 and when I tried installing some Fileexplorer software. I accedentally deleted a folder named Apps and now all the software (preloaded ) have disappeared as well as the new ones. Can anyone having a new Nokia N72 please please please backup their Memory...
  14. S

    NOkia n72 not detected,help!!

    Hi, My friend bought a nokia n72 in january . He has installed the bundled pc suite on his computer(p4 , 256 mb ram , windows xp home edition sp2).The problem is that the pc suite does not detect the phone. please help me solve my freind's problem.
  15. G

    Help me decide between KG300, K750i, N72

    Hello friends, Recently i have decided to move to new mobile. After some research i shortlisted LG KG300, Sony K750i, Nokia N72. I would use the phone mainly for taking pics, music and also as pen drive. Please reply asap Please also let me know if there are any other good phones in this...
  16. expertno.1

    Cypher Vista for S60 v2, v3 & windows mobile

    Have you been bored by the themes in your mobile ? Have you been bored by the same way of opening apps and messages ? I have the solution for you ! get this kind of screen on your mobo .....n70 n72 6630 n73 + Windows Mobile and all having flashlite . 176x208 pixel display...
  17. D

    Which 1 is best N72 or W700i or K550i???

    Plss suggest me.... I have budget arnd 8k ...srched sum cell fones ..found N72, SE W700i and K550i acc to my budget... but not able to decide which 1 is best??? Please help me... I want good music and camera both. Any suggestion for other fones arnd my budget 8k (but only of Nokia or Sony...
  18. R

    Which is better N72 or Sony w810i

    Hi i am j2me game developer . I want to buy a phone in which i can test my games ,which one is better Nokia N72 OR SONY W810I
  19. Angad singh

    Nokia 6233 vs N72

    Hey guys i have seen to phones ones nokia 6233 and other is N72..... i am just confused between these 2 phones can u guys help me out which phne shud i go for and reasons for it.... appreciate ur replies.......
  20. H

    any avi video player doesn't works

    i am in big problem plz help me in my phone n72 an avi video player doesnt work can any1 help me hemant_soni8@yahoo.co.in
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