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Congrats Ani, Mac4Lin gets the page!

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Our very own Anirudh's (infra_red_dude) Mac4Lin project has gotten it's page in LinuxForYou magazine.

Page - 43
Mac4Lin - 63.33 - sourceforge.net/projects/mac4lin
OpenLX - 61.40 - openlx.com
Anjuta - 61.00 - anjuta.org
HarvestMan - 60.00 - harvestmanontheweb.com
Get it I say - 59.00 - freshmeat.net/project/giis

An excerpt:
Mac4Lin is a UI enhancement project that attempts to redress the persistent complaint that work on many Linux more 'desktop-friendly' is not progressing fast enough.

The Project kicked off when Anirudh Acharya, a young open source enthusiast from Bangalore, taught himself GTK+ and decided to bring the Mac touch to the FOSS world. A one man army, Acharya continues to put in efforts to enhance Mac4Lin and make it compatible with other desktop systems.
As obvious I can't reproduce the entire content here. So those who want get the mag and read the article. On a personal level, they kept referring to him as Acharya, I thought Anirudh sounded better :D

Good going Ani, Rock on!! :)

PS: And please do enter it in next year's FOSS awards with them major changes. As they said, Apple wouldn't like it lol.


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Mac4Lin messed up my gnome desktop totally... :mad: no kidding..
Now do I have to congratulate you? :D .. Just another feather in your cap ;) :twisted:

Congratulations.. :)
Dude, WTF ? I just bought the mag :D
Time to read it.
Keep up with the good job anirudh.
Hopefully the epiphany scollbar issue and the button press effect issue will be fixed by next version.


hey man congrats. its a pity m not getting the mag in my town. otherwise i wud hav bought it, keep on rockng :)
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