1. I

    How to block Router setup page

    Can anyone tell me how to block others from accessing my router setup page? Eg : A gave password of Wifi to B but do not want him to access the router page by going to How can i make sure B does not see wifi/router password. Even mac filtering doesn't help here. I just want to...
  2. stonecaper

    Strange IP Behaviour

    I live in Kolkata and use a Wishnet Unlimited Plan from my LCO - for the past few days whenever I try to access a few sites, I have to pass the cloudflare security check " One more step Please complete the security check to access" The page also says - "If...
  3. Desmond

    Diablo 2 HD

    A countdown page for Diablo 2 HD has come up: Evil has survived Looks like my prayers are going to be answered in 45 days.
  4. H

    I cannot seem to access 192.158.x.x for the routers setup.[Wishnet]

    I recently bought a wireless n300 [D-link] but i cannot seem to access the page. It just doesn't open the page. This is my first time trying to setup a router. I connected the blue/yellow cable with port 1 to my pc and the main internet connection connected to the WAN port...
  5. H

    I cannot seem to access 192.158.x.x for the routers setup.[Wishnet

    I recently bought a wireless n300 [D-link] but i cannot seem to access the page. It just doesn't open the page.
  6. Desmond

    Battlefield 1

    The next Battlefield is set to be revealed on 6th May. Official countdown page: Even Sources: Battlefield 5 Release: 13 Things to Kno Battlefield 5 Reports: Fans Won't Expect This One; DICE Did an Amazing Work Once Agai Official gamplay trailer...
  7. Zangetsu

    The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally

    The White House had speakerphones from 1985, desktop computers from the 90s, and old black and white printers that printed on only one side of a page. The White House staff used old BlackBerrys Source : The White House gets working Wi-Fi, finally – Tech
  8. vedula.k95

    Is this website copying all the contents of digit forums?

    I made an inquiry about change in broadband service to which no user replied. i visited back the thread,as well i searched for it via google, this page popped-up with exact same content made by me on broadband section. the same is present in his page :-o :-o i will paste both the links for...
  9. beingGamer

    Forum issue

    Couldn't find any thread to report this. Every time i open any page on this forum the menu covers up 1/3 of the page. Its there since like 2-3 weeks now. Has anyone noticed/fixing it? Its annoying to remove it using developer tool of browser
  10. S

    Samsung Focus Screen Flikering

    Dear Guys, I have a Samsung Focus, i am rare use it but from few days ago its screen flickering, then i try hard reset but same prob.I update windows 7.5 to 7.8 but no solution,some time stop when i move to another page or setting page , then again come back. pls help to resolve it.
  11. E

    Youtube Channel switch problem

    Allright so I'm in a lot of trouble Ill try being as clear as possibe I have a Youtube channel with about 300 subscribers. Now this channel was connected to my gmail id and my personal google plus page "", so then I thought of making another google...
  12. Desmond

    Arrow - Microsoft's new launcher for Android.

    Microsoft is currently working on a new Android app, and it’s an Android launcher. The company’s latest app is Arrow Launcher and it is currently in private beta – meaning that you can’t download it without an invite just yet. So how’s the launcher? It’s quite good, actually. Arrow...
  13. Ricky

    [Want to Buy] Facebook page on general topic with 5k plus likes

    I am looking to be admin of a Facebook page with general subject, humor , fun or anything. Page should have atleast 5K likes. Please give details only in PM including page links . MODS: If this is against rules then please let me know. PS: Its not necessarily about buying a page, there are...
  14. B

    Intel screen while booting pc

    Hi Guys, My PC many a times while booting freezes on the Intel page. Even if I restart it from the CPU the computer starts and then it is stuck on the same page. Then I have to turn off the ups and the main power supply for few seconds and then it boots up fine. What is wrong with my PC...
  15. truegenius

    disguise yourself as facebook official page and comment on official page

    hey there, i was browsing facebook and saw that someone is using a technique to look exactly like official page in comment section of that official page dows anybody know about this trick ? here is an example post link...
  16. A

    can't open web page via wifi on mobile phone

    dear friends, i have strange problem. i can connect my galaxy note phone with wifi but can't open any web page. it already show me got connected but can't use internet. i have tried changing hand sets but nothing happen. i have tp link w8901n modem router. please help me how can i use...
  17. B

    Not able to login to a specific website

    Hi Guys, I have an old PC with Windows XP at home. I use this PC only to access the internet and to listen to music. Everything was working well but since the past two days I am not able to login to my account at Till yesterday when I tried to login via Firefox and fill in the...
  18. N

    Lenovo Z510 (i7) Very Annoying Problems

    1. When i Right Click On My Desktop Screen, It takes 5-10 Seconds To show Context Menu 2. When I make Online Payment On any Site & Reach On Payment Page It Shows This Webpage Is Not Available (Tried Different Browser & Different Sites But Problem Exists) 3. Conservation Mode In Energy Manager...
  19. G

    script fault on every web page

    Hi, I am getting a script fault on almost every page I open in firefox. (Unable to attach either jpegg/pdf files !) Also a popup many times asking me to download the ilivid download manager. Specs: Win Vista, Firefox 19.0.2, Dell Latitude D630. Mcafee Pls help.
  20. I

    General Query Contacting E-Bay India's Customer Service

    Hello everyone. :wave: I attempted to sign into my E-Bay account on E-Bay India, but surprisingly, the succeeding page displayed a message stating; something on the lines that 'my login attempt was detected using another/different computer'. Consequently, the security process initially...
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