1. din

    Confirmed - infra_red_dude is REAL. I talked to him over phone

    I know infra_red_dude (Anirudh - the guy behind mac4lin) for long, but was not sure whether he is real :D I mean he is always very nice and helpful in the forum. Whenever I come across any computer related questions, I used to bug him always by email, chat etc. I thought no human can be that...
  2. H

    Congrats Ani, Mac4Lin gets the page!

    Our very own Anirudh's (infra_red_dude) Mac4Lin project has gotten it's page in LinuxForYou magazine. Page - 43 Mac4Lin - 63.33 - OpenLX - 61.40 - Anjuta - 61.00 - HarvestMan - 60.00 - Get it I say - 59.00 -...
  3. CadCrazy

    Congrats Anirudh AKA InfraRedDude: Mac4Lin On This Month's Digit DVD

    Did any one noticed. Mac4lin is listed in this month's Digit DVD under linux section. My Heartly Congratulation to Infra_Red_Dude. Good work always pay. Lage Raho Infra Bhai :D
  4. Vishal Gupta

    Mac4Lin Listed in Top 20 winners for FOSS India Awards

    As we all know about "Mac4Lin" project which was started by our forum member Anirudh aka "infra_red_dude". The good news is "Mac4Lin" has been listed in Top 20 Winners for FOSS India Awards. Here is the complete list of the winners: /Hindawi Indic Programming System /Zmanda Recover Manager...
  5. Dark Star

    Mac4Lin Suggestion Box..

    Hi all Post all the necessary suggestion in this thread .. Starting off 1'st can we have something like this in Mac4Lin .5 ? Taken from here .. This Blue Mac logo and curved panel look awesome :) Taken from here The current theme is not Gnome 2.2 compatible :( So can we see something like this...
  6. infra_red_dude

    Mac4Lin Project hosted on

    Mac4Lin Project hosted on My Mac4Lin project is on! :) Keep visiting the page and my blog (URL in my siggy) for updates. The project has been conceived on Ubuntu and GNOME. But it'll soon be tested on other distros...
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