Choosing GFX card


Hi Guys,
My Friend is looking for a latest graphics card
His budget is 7k max but he might make it to 8k :wink:
this is surely big upgrade for him as he was on geforce 7300gt 256mb :shock:

cards we are looking for are

HD 6770
HD 7750 or HD 7770 - need help here with 7 series as they are getting mix reviews
or Only if he gets 8k nvidia 550ti :mrgreen:
Please help in choosing better card
is it good to take 7750 instead of 6770 6-6.5k ? coz 7770and 550ti are having 8k price tag on them
Thank you


psu he got is Seasonic S12II 520w - 520watt
thanks for quick reply :-D
his budget is tight arround 7k which makes choosing difficult :p


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Get the MSI HD 6770 @ 6.5K. It is available in SMC. Performance wise it stands between HD 7750 and 7770.


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@ OP - if your friend's budget is not a penny more than 8k then consider getting HD6790 @ 7.95k ;-)


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HD6770 is better. it needs external power but cause of that, you can overclock more. also in case of HD7750, overclock is almost useless. hardly any performance gain.
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