1. S

    self employment

    I have experience in web development of 3 years. i worked in 2 different companies since last 3 years, but i'm unsatisfied with my salary.i guess it would be more as i done my work. that's why I think about self-employment. is i'm choosing right step?? or is it ok to do job in some company...
  2. saikiasunny

    Choosing a PC Case- A Short Guide

    You have decided to go for a Desktop PC. You have decided upon the processor, motherboard, RAM, HDD, and everything. The only thing left is finding a home for these components; that is choosing a PC Case (cabinet). A PC case is an enclosure which holds all the major components of the computer...
  3. A

    Sorting all Internet Providers in India : Guide

    This thread will help in choosing best plan available in their area. Sorting all "new, old, government, local, branded, best, good, bad, worst" providers… ***Note: Under Construction Area. Checking how it can be sorted*** Best Plans: Medium Downloaders Light Downloaders [/SPOILER]...
  4. V

    Need help choosing a macbook

    Need a little help choosing a macbook. I am a designer. Uses usual adobe stuffs like Photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver etc, couple of text editors, a web server, browser with 5-10 tabs simultaneously on a dual monitor setup. wondering whether to go for the 8 GB (2.0Ghz i7, mid 2013) or 16GB...
  5. C

    Please help choosing Sharp AC

    I want to buy a sharp 1.1 ton inverter ac.. please help me choosing from AH-XP13PET, AH-XP13PMT and AH- XP13PHT. Please also tell the meanings of "PET", "PMT", and "PHT". Thanks in advance
  6. B

    Help choosing a PSU-Urgent

    Hi my PSU (details in siggy RIG 1) has gone kaput. I need help choosing a new PSU which will support me existing rig (RIG 1). I have narrowed down on Corsair CX430 and Antec VP450. Please let me know the best out of 2 or if you have some different suggestions please let me know, but please reply...
  7. K

    Vry confused in choosing mobile <20k,help me plz

    1. Budget? 15k,can also extend upto 18,19k vry max if it's worth really... 2. Display type and size? 4 or above 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? sony,nokia,samsung(last choice), no htc,motorola plz, can also suggest other than dis.. 5...
  8. C

    Choosing Tablets

    Hi Guys, Can I get a help on buying a Tablet from following ones: (1) Zync 9.7 Quad (2) Wickedleak Wammy Magnus (3) Iberry Auxus CoreX4 3G (4) Spice Stellar Pad 10 I like informed replies from experienced members in choosing the best one. thanks in advance.
  9. Shah

    B.Tech IT or BE CSE?

    I am doing my 12th at present. After a lot of research, I have shortlisted B.Tech IT and BE CSE to study after finishing +2. I need your help in choosing any one of these courses. My Fields of Interests are Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Programming.
  10. H


    want to buy a nice earphone under Rs. 500(yes i know budget is a bit tight).. i shortlisted 2 of these from my initial research on internet: 1- SoundMagic ES-18 2- JBL TEMPO (earbud) Please help me in choosing between these two or if there are other better models availaibe within my...
  11. sc3n3l0v3r

    Help me in choosing the right 3G connection @ Delhi/NCR

    Hello Friends, Sandip here & guys I need your help in choosing the right ISP for 3G :wink: Basically I from Assam but for my higher studies i am shifting to Delhi - Rohini in a month. Mine college is at Rohini - so will staying nearby or maybe max 5-6Km apart from it. I have no idea...
  12. D

    Canon IXUS 125 vs SX 220HS

    Hi Guys, i need ur suggestion on choosing a digital camera. Though IXUS 125 is better with 16MP,Digic 5 processor and compact, i have read very good reviews on SX220HS as it has 14x zoom and more, that has confused me in choosing between these. Kinldy suggest a best one.
  13. 0

    Tutorial: Choosing The Right Web Host For Your Website

    Hi Guys, I had decided to write something about the hosting industry to help newbies find the right web hosts for their websites. I have about 1.5 experience in the industry. You can check the article on my personal blog : Things That You 'Must' Know Before Choosing A Web Host | Web Hosting...
  14. M

    Choosing GFX card

    Hi Guys, My Friend is looking for a latest graphics card His budget is 7k max but he might make it to 8k :wink: this is surely big upgrade for him as he was on geforce 7300gt 256mb :shock: cards we are looking for are HD 6770 HD 7750 or HD 7770 - need help here with 7 series as they...
  15. H

    Pls suggest mobile bet 10K-15K

    Please help me in choosing the right mobile upto 15 K ....!!!!
  16. R

    Query regarding HD6870

    Hi Guys, I am planning to get HD6870 for my system but confused between the sapphire HD6870 and HIS IceQ X H6870 :? I am getting both for the same price. Can you please help me choosing as I dont have much idea about the warranty support by HIS here in India. :oops:
  17. krishnandu.sarkar

    My New Rig :) [Update : Low Resolution Pics]

    Let the pictures speak (As Usual) And finally...thanks to all of those who helped to choosing the components :)
  18. M

    Help in Choosing Proccy and Motherboard

    guys need your help in choosing only a motherboard and processor Budget: 25k Use: video editing and adobe suite (premiere, after effects, combustion) .. Components: either a 2500k or a 2600k as proccy and the motherboard in the remaining money Lesser cost the better.. but not...
  19. Z

    Help Choosing LCD/LED TV for <=30k

    Hello Guys I have been looking around for LED/LCDs for a max budget of 30k...(Max would be 28k but would stretch to 30k ) Requirements : FULL HD,HDMI ports , variable audio/video format support + usb hdd support The models i have been looking on LCD front are : Panasonic VIERA...
  20. I

    Help me choosing 14 inch laptop

    please help me urgent on choosing 14 inch laptop under 42k, it should handle some basic games such as counter strike and NFS,no high end games, along with solid performance and good in multitasking. Gateway ID47(this this worth buying ?) Toshiba R845 Asus U36SD(Runs hot ?) Lenovo U400(not...
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