1. Theodre

    Swat kats series is going to be relaunched after 22years!

    If you were a 90's kid you would have definitely heard of SWAT KATS! The series is going to be RELAUNCHED by the original creators from where they have left the series off! The series got cancelled during the second season end due to financial crisis (really how right???). They had started a...
  2. V

    Is it worth waiting for AMD Zen?

    Guys i will be building a budget gaming pc.... i will be investing 8-10K in processor. Currently i am not seeing any other option other than FX-6300. What i need to know is i can wait for Q1 2017 so can lowest Zen series model be expected under 10K also if someone can explain that will zen be...
  3. K

    how to overclock AMD A8 APU series

    i'm using lenovo laptop g51 series i need to overclock AMD A8 processor
  4. A

    need earphones under rs.500

    need earphones under rs.500 need non in-ear small ears to watch tv series n movies on laptop
  5. ssb1551

    Skylake based gaming rig

    Hi Digitians, This is my first Intel build with Zotac GTX 1060 AMP. I will upgrade to 1070 by the end of this year or start of the next. Also will upgrade to a better PSU - got the crappy CX series now. Didnt know it was worse than CS series :shocked:. Anyways here goes the pics (BTW not sure...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    RX 470 for ₹15990 ... Wakakakaakaa

    Source: AMD Radeon RX 470 for Mainstream Gamers Launched at Rs. 15,990 | NDTV RX 470 to cost ₹15990 Is this some delayed APRIL DAY joke ? AMD will not only destroy the 1080p market of nVIDIA , but its own too ! Nobody will buy the R9 series anymore. I think ndtv got wrong info...
  7. Zangetsu

    Batman: A Telltale Series

    Batman: The Telltale Series will be available on just about every platform including mobile (Android and iOS), PC, tablet and console (Xbox 360 and PS3 included). Za8G70bbKRY Source : Batman: A Telltale Series promises to be a Batman game unlike any you've played before – Tech
  8. dashang

    Need help in Statistics problem

    Two teams A and B are playing a series of 5 matches. The team who wins the three or more matches will win the series. Assume that the outcome of the matches are independent and probability of winning for each team is 0.5. What is the probability that A will win 4 matches? 0.16 0.0016 0.97...
  9. Zangetsu

    Onechanbara Z2 : Chaos

    Onechanbara Z2 : Chaos Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is the latest entry in the Onechanbara series. The Vampiric sisters and two legendary zombie-hunting sisters of Baneful blood battle through over a dozen stages of high-octane real-time swordplay. Fight off the invasion in gruesome detail...
  10. Cyberghost

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is an upcoming open world first-person tactical shooter in development by CI Games. It is the third entry in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series and the first title to feature an AAA production effort. The game is set to be released worldwide for Microsoft Windows...
  11. ratzee199

    Please suggest a good graphics card to upgrade....

    Hi everyone....I am looking for a new Graphics card... Currently my desktop has the following configuration: Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-MPRO Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3 Power...
  12. ratzee199

    Confusion related with New Graphics Card

    Hi everyone....I am looking for a new Graphics card... Currently my desktop has the following configuration: Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-MPRO Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3 Power...
  13. avichandana20000

    Kashikoi series ac

    Anyone having HITACHI KASHIKOI SERIES AC at home?
  14. D

    PSU recommendation needed

    Hey guys, Please suggest me a PSU under 12K. I am thinking about Sea-sonic X Series or M series. I have heard bad things about Corsair RM series. Minimum should be 750W. Please ignore the specs in my signature as it is needed for my new rig. Let me know what is best under my budget in India.
  15. abhigeek

    Cloudflare Captcha and dictionary attack.

    Guys from last few weeks I'm getting captcha error if I try to access any website that it hosted by cloudflare. You can see this in image attached. Because of malicious activity from my ip. Then I checked my ip at Project Honey It turned out series of dictionary attacks are detected from my...
  16. A

    Gaming laptop around 80000INR

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 80000INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? >= 15" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Gaming only. 5) Any typical configuration in your mind you're eyeing for ? core...
  17. Alok

    Valkyria: Azure Revolution

    After playing first game in the series on Steam I really wanted to more game of this kind on PC . I went emulator way and played Valkyria Chronicles II on my android phone using PPSSPP. Third game was japan only so couldn't try it. Its kind of tactical RPG game series with very nice gameplay...
  18. skeletor

    How is the current status on Intel VT-d?

    Still non-K series processor and Z chipset? Anyone working with it? Give me names of motherboard and processor. Last time when I checked, apart from fooling K series users, Intel made a mickey out of early i7-3930K and X users as well.
  19. P

    MSI launches new Intel ‘Skylake’ 100-series based H170/B150/H110 PRO Series motherboards

    MSI, world leading in motherboard technology, is proud to announce its latest additions to the PRO Series motherboards line, the H170/B150 and H110 based motherboards. With 30 models available in Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX size, the new MSI Z170/H170/B150 and H110 PRO Series motherboards are...
  20. seamon

    Tried a PS3 today.

    So today I bought a cheap used Phat PS3 solely to play the exclusives 1) Uncharted Series. 2) Red Dead Redemption. 3) Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki. 4) God Of War series. 5) Last of Us. Initial impression = Looks **** on a 1440p screen. All hail the glory of the PC Master Race. - -...
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