1. gautam_dey66

    Sparkle GTX 550Ti fan not working

    Two years ago I bought a Sparkle Nvidia GTX 550Ti graphic card from a local store. Last week I found out that the fan on the graphic card is not working. So can anyone tell me where can I find a service center here in "Assam, India."
  2. T

    MSI R5830 Twin Frozr II Overclock Edition ATI Radeon 1GB DDR5

    hey guys, MSI R5830 Twin Frozr II Overclocked Edition ATI Radeon 1GB DDR5(Beats 550ti badly) - Delhi - Computers - Hardware just saw this post on olx...and by reading its caption i was wondering that how a 6k gpu can beat a 20k gpu(660ti , its mentioned there) and 550ti badly(as mentioned...
  3. P

    UPS for my PC

    Hello Digit Folks.Im a newbie so please help- me with this- My system Specs are- Amd phenom ii x4@3.2ghz,Asus m4a88m-le mobo,corsair vengeance 2x4gig,1x 1TB Segate HDD,1X160GB HITACHI HDD,MSI GTX 550ti 1GB GDDR5,I-BALL SPRINTER 450watts PSU,an HP dvd rom.. I am having a smartpower UPS...
  4. KiLL

    Which one of these gpu is Best...???

    I want to buy gpu + psu with a max budget of 10k..... I hav shortlisted some HD 7770 GTX 650 Hd 7750 GTX 550ti 2gb HD 6790 Please tell whic one to get ...............
  5. mandarpalshikar

    Aftermarket cooler for GTX 550ti

    mistake in title - should be "Aftermarket cooler for GTX 550ti" Hi Guys, I have put in 2 Zotac GTX 550TIs ( yes.. dont question me.. had one from before so got another one until prices of 6 series drops ). The problem is, as in any SLI config.. My first GPU gets extremely hot...
  6. M

    Choosing GFX card

    Hi Guys, My Friend is looking for a latest graphics card His budget is 7k max but he might make it to 8k :wink: this is surely big upgrade for him as he was on geforce 7300gt 256mb :shock: cards we are looking for are HD 6770 HD 7750 or HD 7770 - need help here with 7 series as they...
  7. M

    Adding 550Ti for physx.. is it worth?

    i have an option of purchasing a used 550Ti for a reasonable price, presently am on msi GTX 570, i want to use the 550Ti for physX processing. On a Sabertooth,i shall be using on a 8x slot, the other 16x slot is free for a SLI config. some where later in time, i plan to purchase one...
  8. Shibaprasad

    XFX 6770 OR ASUS 550ti

    This two cards are available for me, which one should I buy? Is it ok for BF3 MW3?
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