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Buying high end phone today


Dear friends,
Another one of my parents impulsive decisions is to buy my brother a phone within an hour.

The request is simple and you are welcome to give as many options as you want without sticking to one; can post your own phones or ones you would like to own.

Budget: No budget limitations, can go upto 35k more or less

Crirteria: Paying so much means little compromise, but will add that it is for my brother who is into a LOT of Facebooking and using messenger services. Web browsing next and games too.

Any OS is good. iOS, Android preferably.

No waiting at all. The phone is going to be purchased today, so even if one is releasing next week, it holds absolutely no importance to me.

Awaiting your replies. Thank you.

Currently looking at:
iphone 4 16GB white
SE Xperia Neo
SE Xperia Play
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iphone 4 and SGSII are the common option I suppose :)

If you could wait a bit for 3D...anyways good luck for purchase


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Samsung Galaxy S II, priced 31k

Since your budget is 35k, my consultancy fees is 4k. Pay up!


SGS II is the best bet for an immediate purchase IMO.


SGS 2 is good inside but on the surface it looks boxy and the UI a cheap knock off of the iphone. This has seriously dented my opinion about it.

However I will look at it one last time before killing the switch on it.


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Either Samsung Galaxy S II

or iPhone 4

REMEMBER: The Galaxy just outspecs the current gen iPhone like the i7 980x will outspec a Core 2 Duo
The Galaxy might ALSO outspec the coming gen iPhone 5 :wink:


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Galaxy SII is in very short supply as Samsung is diverting all these phones for release in the US. You have to pay a premium these days to get it...

HTC Sensation has awesome hardware and qHD screen resolution... but its screen still does not match up to Galaxy SII's SuperAmoled+ or iPhone4's Retina display...

iPhone 4 has an advantage because it has awesome games. Thats what a high end phone is for... gaming. Android cannot beat iOS platform in that segment any time soon.
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