1. R

    Recommendation for a budget 4k 43" TV

    1. Budget? 30k to 40k 2. Display type and size? 4K 43" (distance from wall is 11 ft) 3. What will the TV/monitor be used for primarily? Primary TV watch movies / shows 4. Types and number of ports required? 2 HDMI ports minimum 5. Preferred choice of brand? No preference, but ok to go for...
  2. H

    500W PSU/SMPS under Rs. 2000

    Hi guys, Please suggest a good PSU of 500W++ under ₹2500. Which has a 6-pin connector for graphic card and 8-pin connector for 12V ATX slot My config is: AMD FX8320 processor GIGABYTE LMT78 motherboard XFS R7850 graphic card 500GB HDD + 6GB RAM DVD RW
  3. W

    No good budget B350 AMD mobo in market?

    Nowadays there is no good budget B350 mobo in market,all I see is Asus B350M-A & similarly priced MSI model priced at ~7.3k.In 6-7k range again there are only 2 B350 models,one from asus & one from msi,both having 4 sata ports.If one wants a B350 mobo with 6 sata ports then no choice below 7k...
  4. S

    Need a Long Lasting Mobile Phone

    1. Budget? Not more than 15/20k 2. Display type and size? Preferably smaller but can go upto 5.5-6 inch 3. Dual sim? Whichever 4. Preferred choice of brand? None as such 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? (If front facing camera isn't great, doesn't matter. The rear...
  5. Ratul Upadhyay

    Full HD/4K TV | Non-Smart | Under 60k

    1. Budget? Under 60k, can be extended by 10-20k if there's something out there that can't be missed out on. 2. Display type and size? Full HD or 4K, I can use your recommendations on use cases and future proofing. Preferably, not less than 49 inches, my current (now broken) LG one was a 42 inch...
  6. Harveyy

    Building a low budget gaming pc under 30k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Playing video games like gta5,witcher 3,battlefield 1,mass...
  7. W

    Gaming Mouse - Budget max 1000 - 1500 Rs

    Hi Guyz, My current Logitech mouse is giving right click problems. Looking for a decent budget gaming mouse. Price Range 1000 - 1500 Rs Company - Any Online purchase. Games played - Mostly Overwatch, Doom and Titan Fall 2 Any mouse that can give me good right and left click...
  8. S

    Powerful Development System

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Android Development, Game Development (Unity, Unreal etc)...
  9. meetdilip

    1 ton AC

    I have a few questions 1. What is 5 star, 3 star AC ? What's the difference ? 2. What is invertor AC ? How does it help ? Which is the most budget brand ( good as well ) for domestic use ( 1 ton ) ? Thanks.
  10. W

    Mobile Phone Advice - Budget 15k-16k max

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a good Phone under 16k budget. Currently Mi 4 and Moto G5 catches my eye. Please advise.
  11. Ronnie012

    Need Graphics carx for PC budget 10k

    Pc Specs Intel Core I3 6100 Motherboard Gigabyte H110ms2 8 gb ddr4 ram corsair Monitor Benq dl 2020 Looking to play Mass Effect Andromeda. Low power consumption preffered. This is my first grPhics cRz purchase so not much idea. Budget extendable but if i can get a decent...
  12. S

    Need one 24 inch and another 27+ inch monitor

    Hi Guys, As title suggests, i need 2 monitors one being strictly 24 inch and another being 27 or 28 inch with refresh rate of 100+. Budget for 24 inch is below 15k and 28 inc is below 20k. Thanks for the help. -Suvrajeet
  13. S

    Buying Advice Reqd : 40" LED SMART TV

    Hi all, Require buying advice for TV. Details required as per questionnaire are as follows :- 1. Budget? <50k 2. Display type and size? 40" SMART LED (Android OS preferable) 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV viewing at home. Tatasky, Youtube, Netflix, Movie streaming from laptop,etc...
  14. TigerKing

    Buying whole Computer, Budget 80K approx.

    I did lot of research on finding and editing this post on mobile. So, Please Respect My Work. Please take your time, read all the points and help accordingly. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office...
  15. rakesh_sharma23

    600 Watt budget PSUs Battle

    600 Watt budget PSUs Battle Corsair VS650 - vs - Cooler Master MasterWatt 600 - vs - Antec VP650 I have reviewed few PSUs in past two years or so mostly all were higher end expensive computer PSUs and I am constantly asked by many to suggest a budget gaming PSU or review one. I have few...
  16. doomgiver

    budget smartphone 5-8k

    1. Budget? starting 5k, max 8k. not spending a single paisa above 8k even if there is a great phone for 8001 rupees. try to give me as cheap a phone as possible. 2. Display type and size? big enough. otherwise dont care. 3. Dual sim? would be nice i guess. otherwise dont care. 4...
  17. I

    Budget Gaming Monitor Suggestion Needed!(REPOST)

    Hi, I didn't get a proper reply on the previous thread which I posted. So, I had to repost this with the questionnaire. I mainly play CS:GO on my PC. I get around 150-200 frames per second, so a good refresh rate is preferred. I need a smooth and flicker free viewing experience. 1. Budget? A...
  18. S

    Suggestion for a 48 to 50 Inch LED Budget TV

    Hi All, Would like to buy a new 50 Inch LED Budget TV. 1. Budget - 30 to 35K 2. Display type and size - 50 Inch Full HD TV 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor - Normal TV Viewing 4. Ports Required - Yes. USB for Chromecast and HDMI for connecting to Home Theater 5. Preferred choice of...
  19. A

    Want a budget gaming keyboard between 2k-3k

    Need suggestions for a budget gaming keyboard for playing fps games around 2k-3k.I prefer non-membrane keyboards.
  20. V

    4K HDR TV 49"/55" under the budget of 1.5 L

    1. Budget? 1.5L 2. Display type and size? 4K HDR LED 49"/55" 3. Primary use of TV/monitor? Everyday Primary TV over HD set-top box, Smart TV, Bluray playback over 4K player and future proofing in budget. 4. Ports Required? Regular i.e. 3/4 4K60 ready HDMI. HEVC support. 5. Preferred...
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