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BSNL- WiMax or BroadBand?


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Hello thinkdigit Members,

How its going?

I am Dilemma for which I should go for? BSNL WiMax or BroadBand.

Well BSNL Exchange is only 20 Steps apart from me, so I think WiMax wouldn't be an Wrong option to go for.

but Still I am Kinda Afraid. Wether Choose WiMax Rs. 750 Plan or I should go for BSNL Rs. 750.

I am asking here as there are so many Experienced users and Activity is Good here.


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if you will play online games(not browser games but Fps games etc) get the broadband. it gives lot better pings.
But if you constantly on the move and since you said you live near exchange Wimax should be fine too :wink:


WiMax is new and the people say its good.
A friend of mine is getting a connection.
Can tell you in detail in a couple of days


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as of now , broadband is better than wimax . wimax is still in a sort of developing phase . the speeds are not always that good . for home use , broadband is still the best


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Iam using WiMax for the last 11 months and its good. I am getting more than 140Kbps in 512Kbps unlimited plan for 750/- only.


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hmmm . it seems u r getting 1 Mbps initially as some offer . even the ul 750 plan for broadband gives 1 Mbps for the first 6 GB for every month .

wimax is good . no cables - so no line faults . but problem is technology is bit undercooked . broadband if it works well , its more solid and reliable . wimax is really range dependent ( works well if u r nearer to mobile tower with wimax antenna)


as Kratos
HELP ME! I got wimax connect from BSNL. All I need is to get a router from so that I can use wifi in my home. Recommend me ASAP.
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