1. Sid_gamer

    By Demand [September 2013]

    Demands can also be made by e-mail, story ideas and other suggestions (Fast Track ideas, design, demands for specific articles etc) Suggestions for DVD content, mail links or suggestions to...
  2. shreymittal

    ThinkDigit Forum community on Google+

    Guys Join ThinkDigit Community on Google+
  3. shahidrajouri

    Is android possible on nokia c7

    I hav Nokia C7 with belle refresh. I want to install Android OS on it. Is it possible? If yes how can I do that. I am new to thinkdigit. May be I have post in wrong forum. Sorry for that. Please comment.
  4. I

    "Gentleman's" guide of posting in this section? Really?

    Way to be sexist. Way to attract female audience. Of course gamers are all men! I've some nerve stepping in here as a woman! Although I wonder why I expected anything else...our society is god awfully sexist, why would this be any different? I must say though I'm extremely disappointed in the...
  5. E

    BSNL- WiMax or BroadBand?

    Hello thinkdigit Members, How its going? I am Dilemma for which I should go for? BSNL WiMax or BroadBand. Well BSNL Exchange is only 20 Steps apart from me, so I think WiMax wouldn't be an Wrong option to go for. but Still I am Kinda Afraid. Wether Choose WiMax Rs. 750 Plan or I...
  6. balakrish

    way to get LESS-Ads thinkdigit forum :)

    I dont know how many of you already know this. But today only i noticed that. Already i know "fair" amount of details about vBulletin. But today that helped me. If you want to get LESS-ads on thinkdigit forums, then do this: 1.Normal thinkdigit page with ads. 2.Scroll to the bottom...
  7. phantomfreak

    installing bt5 r2

    hello thinkdigit forum..can anyone help me out in setting up backtrack 5 r2 on a VIRTUAL BOX ??
  8. C

    ThinkDigit Reloaded 2012, requesting feedback on the new website

    The new Thinkdigit website went live last night. Please share your feedback, apart from the discussion thread which has already been opened.
  9. R

    Hosting Servers!!

    Thinkdigit has a lot of members online, now and then, the pages load fast, Wonder where thinkdigit is hosted? Anyone can tell? :wink:
  10. jerrin_ss5

    Motorola Droid Razr XT910

    Hey guys what's your take on this mobile which is being sold in India online for Rs.33,990 check this link:- Motorolas upcoming Droid Razr XT910 priced at - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News OS:-Android 2.3.5 Processor:-1.2GHz dual-core Cortex A9 GPU:-PowerVR SGX540 RAM:-1GB CHIPSET:-TI OMAP 4430...
  11. H

    Reason for not buying thinkdigit

    Hi, I used to buy every edition of thinkdigit. Now I'm using 64bit OS. Preloaded laptop version and on desktop I use only Linux. Most of the softwares are unable to install on my computers. My last edition was windows 7 service pack 1's edition. I bought it for only windows 7...
  12. A

    The Look and Feel of thinkdigit Forums

    Ok, guys. Lets be honest about this. I am a new user on ThinkDigit Forums and I must say, this forums DOES look a bit old school... Like something that looks like it remains unchanged from the 90's. Newer versions of vBulletin have been launched and even many other competitors like myBB...
  13. Dangerous Dave

    Who is the greatest thinkdigit legend?

    Please tell..
  14. G

    Banned 4 No Apparent Reason

    My id Goten was banned for 3 days and I was given this reason. I dont understand why was I banned....I did not abuse any1 as such nor did i spam...As i m most active in gamerz, community disc and fight what so useful posting can I do there except more of chatting. I was really...
  15. F

    New cracks any website?

    I'll never talk about piracy on ThinkDigit forums because now I know that I might get banned. :oops:
  16. S

    Mobile Quick Charger

    I would like to buy a travel mobile charger . I found this "Mobile Quick Charger" in . Is this worth buying ? THis is my first post in thinkdigit
  17. S

    Hey Friends I won the D-RAM in THINKDIGIT survey!!!

    Thank you all. pls delete it.
  18. max_demon

    UnOfficial Thinkdigit Playstation Network Thread

    Hello Guys Share your PSN Ids here my PSN ID is : godofwarmax My Trophy List : :-D
  19. Gauravs90

    a thread in thinkdigit contains a virus?

    I was surfing thinkdigit then i got an alert from KIS 2010 wscript.exe is it to blame? in software trouble shooting section contains a virus, screen shot below
  20. raksrules

    Who Is Prerana ???

    I am getting mails daily from someone named Prerana whose email id is from thinkdigit. Is it a SPAM BOT ???
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