1. T

    (URGENT) Choose between cabinet Thermaltake n23 vs n25

    Guys i am highly confused between case of Thermaltake n23 and n25. Price difference is rs 120. My requirement is to fit following components fx 6300 with gigabyte 78lmt-usb3. Cooler master hyper 103. Antec vp 650p. 2 hdd of desktop versions and one hdd of laptop size. The most problematic...
  2. Zangetsu

    Coaching Class Gifts IIT Topper A BMW, He Returns It Asking For A Laptop Instead!

    Who would choose a laptop over a sparkling red BMW? We would have said nobody, but we'd have been wrong. Because somebody just did choose a laptop over a BMW. Tanmay Shekhawat, an IIT topper from Rajasthan, rejected a BMW his coaching class gifted him for topping the class! Source...
  3. A

    Skill(s) you wish to develop

    If you could acquire any skill, what would you choose?
  4. V

    Need Portable speaker with good bass.. Budget is around 6k

    Hi guys, I am looking for a portable speaker (preferably with Bluetooth functionality ). My budget is around 6k. I have looked at portronics, JBL, Sony etc.. I am confused which one to choose and really need help.. Thanks a lot in advance :)
  5. E

    Help me with my career!!!

    Hey guys I was supposed to clear class 12th this year but my plan didn't work out.Actually by some means it was planned that I would clear class 12th without apearing for it.If you want to know how and have some money and time to waste text me.Trust me I will always be helpfull:laughing_NF:I...
  6. B

    Sort files number wise

    Hi Guys, How to sort some excel files in ascending or descending order? I am not able to find any option in Choose Details thing. What should I do? Thanks
  7. S

    Career Guidane: IT Recruiter or Development

    Hello, I have completed V Sem of MCA and the project sem have started. I have two job offer's one is for Trainee Android Developer and other is for Trainee IT Recruiter. I am in dilemma which one to choose, as i don't know the scope and future of I.T. Recruiter. Please guide me here.
  8. S

    Need help to choose between Z5170 and G5080 (Windows 10 laptops)

    Hi all, I have shortlisted this two laptops - G5080 Lenovo G50-80 Windows 10 Laptop Online AND Z5170 Lenovo IdeaPad Z51-70 Windows 10 Laptop - Buy Online. This laptops come preloaded with Windows 10. Please help me to choose one of the above, and please explain the reasons too. Using it for...
  9. int86

    choose LCD TV for me micromax or philips

    Help me to choose amonge following TVs for me: Micromax one: Philips one: videocone ...
  10. Y

    Laptop Problems

    I want a laptop which is around45k, has good gaming capabilities, has good built and is durable ( 4yrs approx. ), not necessary long battery life .Based on these I picked out 2 of these laptops.ACER specs are better but I am not sure if ACER laptops are durable or not.Which one of these would be...
  11. V

    LG G3 vs Xperia Z3 vs HTC One E9+

    Mobile under 30k Budget : 30k (32k max) Display: Not more than 5.5 inch Dual Sim : Not Necessary Operating System: Android Primary use of hansdet: FB,Whatsapp,Camera,Gaming,Media Specific mobiles in consideration : HTC One E9+ , Xperia Z3 , LG G3, One plus Two (ready to wait until its launch)
  12. AshurainX

    which ISP do gamers from chennai recommend?

    Am currently using BSNL. But u guys know how bad the plans are. Thought id ask you guys before i choose ACT.
  13. N

    Help me choose the right psu

    Which psu should i choose between these two options: 1. coolermaster thunder 500w 2. crosair vs550?
  14. Harsh Pranami

    If possible which superhero/mutant powers will you choose

    Ok the rules are simple. Choose the superhero and comment why it's better than the others. But beware, along with the powers, you'll get that particular superhero's weakness too. I choose batman. :)
  15. A

    slow bsnl bbnd plan 900 home unlimited

    fed up with this used to work fast till some card got burnt in the exchange,spoke to the regional manager at almora who controls my area also ie pithoragarh - a team came and fingered my connection,lines etc and finally the speed has slowed down-moreover the wi fi doesnt worknow-it...
  16. D

    LG g2 v/s Nexus 5

    I am planning to buy new phone this week after using my Note 2 a lot, but still note 2 will be my first smartphone i am looking to replace it. By far i have checked many phones and i have come to think of only 2 phones as LG G2 - 32 GB and Nexus 5 - 32 GB Both are good phone to use as...
  17. kARTechnology

    Help me choose a web hosting package

    i need to host a website. needs cpanel (so that i can edit myself, use a template and build the website.) space: 500mb+ (is this enough?, for few photos gallary and website stuff, will use youtube for videos if needed) visitors...
  18. K

    47" or 55" TV for 8 feet max distance ?

    I am planning to get Full HD TV. My max viewing distance would be 8 to 9 feet. Most of the contents would be SD and some in HD. I am confused which one to choose between, a 47" TV or 55" TV. What do you guys think ? TIA
  19. I

    How to choose speakers?

    Namaste! I want to know dat how to choose speakers? What to look out for mainly while chking d specs?
  20. H

    [Want to Buy] Laptop+Tablet combo

    Hi, I'm looking for a portable laptop which can also become a tablet. I saw the HP Split X2 a few days back at the local store and was quite impressed by it. Just wondering if I have any other options to choose from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ~Nitin
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