1. S

    Can i use the ADSL Wifi Router with BSNL Wimax?

    Hi guys, a little help needed. I had a BSNL Broadband wired connection till last year. It worked well for 1 year and then it started giving me trouble. After a long battle with BSNL to repair it i finally gave up and switched to Wimax. I had a DIGISOL wireless ADSL router for which used...
  2. N

    Bsnl wimax howi 750

    Hii everyone, i wanna know how much does it totally cost to get bsnl wimax 750 tariff inc. cpe and other (i have no idea) i just applied for bsnl wimax but i don't know if they are going to give me a connection or not. if i want to connect 2 or 3 pc to wimax and make a hotspot for mobile...
  3. B

    Port Forwarding on WiMax (DreamTel Punjab)

    Hello Friends, I need to "Port Forward" on WiMax (DreamTel,Punjab). As they are using WiMAx technology, they wont provide modem just a LAN cable from rooftop device to your PC/WiFi router. It is not possible to access ISP`s WiMax router as it is password protected but i need router access for...
  4. thetechfreak

    Need help setting up WiFi on BSNL WiMax connection

    Hi everyone, I recently got a BSNL WiMax connection. It's pretty decent and works pretty well. Now I've decided to setup a WiFi router(Got a Netgear N150 WNR612) so as to use more devices with the connection. BSNL assigns a static IP address which is 117.243.xxx.xxx No login is required to...
  5. S

    Have to Diagnose Again & Again Internet Connection To Fix Problem

    Hello Friends... I have a BSNL Wimax OutDoor CPE. I Have been using it for around one year. From A Few Days I am having a problem with my Internet. Sometimes my internet stops, the internet icon in notification bar show the EXCLAMATION Mark. Whenever i Diagnose the connection it starts to...
  6. T

    Do i need telephone line for BSNL Wimax?

    I went to bsnl office to ask for broadband and they said that Broadband is not feasible in you're area.They said they have bsnl line in my area,but cannot give you connection because the telephone is a bit far from you're home.Then i read on internet that BSNL wimax can work and doesn't require...
  7. funskar

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here .. Just tell the model name of your wimax outdoor cpe & screenshot of the admin login .. I will provide auto connect config or firmware ..
  8. himanshubias

    BSNL wimax Business plan issue

    i am using a bsnl wimax business plan BUWI UL 3500( 1 mbps) i have a problem that if i connect more than one computer through wifi the download speed is dividing according to me is should not divide as the plan says it is multiuser...
  9. T

    How to connect Tp link wifi router with Bsnl Wmax

    I have taken Bsnl wimax connection last month.. The wimax device is from zte name ox253p .. When I power on the cpe then I have to always click connect in browser then after few seconds the wimax gets connected.. Recently I bought TP-LINK TL-WR740N router for my bsnl wimax.. Speed &...
  10. rider

    [URGENT] WiFi Router for WiMax Connection

    I have taken a wimax connection from BSNL. All I need is to get a router from so that I can use wifi at home. Please recommend me ASAP. How about this? Does this works in my case...
  11. Harsh Pranami

    Wireless broadband providers in bangalore????

    Hi friends. Are there any wireless broadband service providers in bengaluru?? Only one I can think of is Wimax. I'm not talking about evdo or 3g connections. Please help.
  12. himanshubias

    suggestion about a wifi router

    Need to buy a wifi router which will be shared by 10 people It will be having a 1mbps bsnl Wimax business connection buget is near around 1.5k plz suggest some good router
  13. S

    Shall i choose BSNL wimax in chennai?

    Hello, I need an internet connection in Pallikaranai, Chennai. BSNL exchange is very near to my house. Shall i choose BSNL wimax or should i go for wired connection. Please suggest a good option. Thanks
  14. S

    TP - LINK MR3020 Router - will it work with wimax?

    Hi, Can someone answer me if this router will work with outdoor BSNL Wimax equipment , the adapter for which has 2 ports (POE where the cable from the wimax box is input AND another LAN port ) TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router | Router | Flipkart.com Thanks .
  15. LKV5649

    4G vs WiMax

    Hey guys, I have to make a comparison between 4G LTE and WiMax technologies in Mumbai. I have already researched many blogs and reviews about these technologies in Mumbai, however a response from you guys, will really help my research. Any viewpoints and opinions you have about these...
  16. E

    BSNL- WiMax or BroadBand?

    Hello thinkdigit Members, How its going? I am Dilemma for which I should go for? BSNL WiMax or BroadBand. Well BSNL Exchange is only 20 Steps apart from me, so I think WiMax wouldn't be an Wrong option to go for. but Still I am Kinda Afraid. Wether Choose WiMax Rs. 750 Plan or I...
  17. V

    BSNL WIMAX in Chennai sub-urban areas!

    BSNL Chennai Telephones has launched WiMAX, the fourth generation technology for wireless broadband, in 15 mofussil areas around Chennai Chennai Telephones Chief General Manager A. Subramanian said each of the 15 BTS towers set up in these locations would provide wireless broadband services...
  18. B

    bsnl wimax help needed to configure router

    i'm using bsnl outdoor cpe wimax. i want to use wifi on my dlink dir 300, i also called dlink helpline but the problem is when i change ip add in lan card properties to router ip add manually or obtain automatically, it revert back to previous ip add feed by ISP.plz help or suggest router for wimax.
  19. Rockstar11

    Best Broadband Plan Selector : BSNL

    SELECT and CHANGE the Best Postpaid Broadband Plan for yourself from a host of Wired and Wireless Plans amongst DSL, EVDO, 3G and Wimax using various options given. BB Plan Selector
  20. B

    How to setup Tata wimax connection in Ubuntu 10.04

    Dear All, Anybody have idea how to setup Tata wimax 2.0 in Ubuntu 10.04? I am stuck with this topic From 36 Hours. Actually Ubuntu is trying to connect but after some time its says wired - Disconnected. Seems network card is installed properly. But its working fine on my lappy windows xp...
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