1. Æsoteric Positron

    Queries regarding broadband upgrade.

    So, I have been planing to buy a broadband for sometime now, but I am still confused about many things in this regard. 1. Whom should I ask about the network services? The only man I know is our cable 'wala' , who had started his broadband services last year. Would the boardband services over...
  2. D

    Check Your Excitel Usage !!!

    I am very keen to know my broadband usage . Excitel Broadband used to have this feature. But now we can only see the usage of multiple sessions and can calculate the monthly usage . So I decided to write a program to automate this First I decided to use DOM parser for the web page but Excitel...
  3. I

    Need Broadband in Lucknow. Except Reliance and BSNL

    I need Broadband in Indira Nagar Lucknow. i just harassed from reliance . help please,,,,,,,,,
  4. B

    BSNL broadband giving 10gb data per day @249 pm

    Highlights: 1. Under the new plan, customers can download '10GB per day' data by paying monthly charges of Rs 249 2. The new unlimited wireline broadband service plan will offer 2Mbps speed 3. Users can also make unlimited free calls to any network without any additional...
  5. V

    airtel broadband vs reliance jio

    I'm using airtel broadband for my desktop paying rs. 1033/month for 40 gb @ 8 mbps. Reliance jio's 303 plan for 28 GB sounds inviting. What are the issues one could face using jio for desktop via Tethering? What would be the connection speed and stability in such case? Is it a good idea?
  6. Zangetsu

    Act Fibernet announces 1Gbps wired broadband plans for Hyderabad

    Act Fibernet announces 1Gbps wired broadband plans for Hyderabad; will cost Rs 5999 with 1TB FUP Act Fibernet has announced the launch of the first citywide 1 Gbps broadband access in India. K. Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), Minister for IT, Municipal Administration and Urban Development and Industries...
  7. ExcitelOfficial

    Excitel Community Help

    Hi, I'm here to officially represent Excitel Broadband Pvt. Ltd., a growing ISP in Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad. We vehemently oppose the idea of a fair usage policy (FUP) and based completely on redundant fiber backbone we provide symmetrical connections (as opposed to the ADSL/DOCSIS connections...
  8. K

    FUP Came back after 6 months in BSNL Broadband for me.

    I enjoyed BSNL Broadband with tons of downloads since June 2016 for about 6 months. but on Dec 12 2016, FUP Pops up for me. IT MAKES me sick. why FUP Came back after 6 months ?
  9. Akira

    TRAI redefines minimum Broadband speed- now at blazing fast 512kbps.

    for TRAI it seems the pressure from telecom companies to not revise the minimum broadband speed to a more reasonable definition was too much. Indian telecom operators use this astounding -- and completely anti-consumer -- practice of Fair Use Policy where after a consumers has used some 10GB or...
  10. TechnoBOY

    Airtel launches V-Fiber

    Airtel today launched ‘V-Fiber’ in Chennai that offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It is based on Vectorization, which is Europe’s No.1 fixed broadband technology. Airtel the first operator in India to use this technology. Airtel said that it has also upgraded local exchanges with equipment to...
  11. TechnoBOY

    Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards

    Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards » Phone Rada
  12. S

    Jio Fiber FTTH

    Source: Reliance Jio Fiber FTTH 1Gbps broadband tariff plans to start at Rs 500: Report A speedtest posted by a Jio fiber user: 772433270126641153
  13. kg11sgbg

    How is Hathway Broadband Service in Kolkata?

    How is the Hathway Broadband Service in Kolkata? I am interested in their Fiber Stream 40 Plan. It is Rs.900/- per month having 25Mbps till 40GB and 1 Mbps thereafter,unlimited... Info from Hathway Kolkata Tariff Presently on BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1495 Plan. It's too costly compared to...
  14. TechnoBOY

    BSNL to soon increase minimum post FUP broadband speed to 1Mbps

    Laying a milestone in Indian broadband landscape, countries largest broadband provider BSNL will soon increase the minimum broadband speed from existing 512Kbps to 1Mbps across all its unlimited plans. The new tariff will come into effect from August 1st, 2016 on PAN India basis cites a source...
  15. O

    [Query]Tunngle and Alliance broadband compatibility??

    Dear All, I have a query reg Tunngle and Alliance broadband. Request you to please check the below post- Play with friend not possible - Tunngle Communit My userid there is onlytanmoy- same as here. Any one from Kolkata using Alliance broadband can confirm if it is fine at their end...
  16. P

    ISP in Pune

    Hi Guyz, I want to purchase an unlimited plan preferably without any FUP. My budget is around 1400-1600pm. Can anyone suggest any ISP's worth going for, i am currently using BSNL but their useless FUP make the speed go back to Stone Age. Thank you.
  17. A

    Which is the best Broadband Provider in Civil Lines Delhi ?

    Which is the best Broadband Provider in Civil Lines Delhi ?
  18. A

    Need help with setting up Wifi for alliance broadband

    I got alliance from a local service provider few days back, before that i had BSNL connection. My local provider installed this device on the roof Ubiquiti Networks - airGrid® , connection is good but i am trying to get my TP-Link router to work with this. It was easy for setting up BSNL...
  19. paroh

    BSNL injecting banner ads into broadband user connections

    * State owned telecom operator BSNL has been injecting banner ads and other service related messages on web browsers within its broadband network. It has followed in the footsteps of the other state owned telecom...
  20. Ronnie11

    Router for mtnl Broadband - Budget 1500-2000

    Hi Guys, i am looking for a router for an mtnl broadband connection(guessing adsl??). Need good range too since it has to cover about 400+ sq feet area. Could you guys please suggest me a wifi router compatible with mtnl broadband.Budget is around 2000. May not be able to go above.
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