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BSNL Fibre Optic 50Mbps plan


By manikant3000

Doesn't matters unless you are paying rs 49/month or less for this plan.


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@manikant:ive heard about leased lines conn being very costly,so is you conn a leased line?
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Point Blanc
no it is not, leased line would cost way beyond that.
but folks in Hyderabad have an ISP which gives 20MBps speed


No, this is not a leased line as @acewin said. It is Fibre optic for home.

@acewin, u r talking about BEAM FIBRE, Rite? Tried for it, not available in Jamshedpur.:-(

@Faun, yaar majaak majaak mein bahut kharcha ho jaayega....:lol:


WTF? I cant load that page...on my 10 Kbps airtel Connection

WTF? I cant load that page...on my 10 Kbps airtel Connection


Before I used to work in a ISP and there i used to get about 2MB/sec download speed from a 16 mbps leased line. I was so much excited that out of excitement I couldnot even think what to download. ha ha :duh2:
Trust me the biggest blow to piracy in gaming is the size of the game, 16Gb, 20 Gb etc. Even 2MB/sec feels so slow that I cancel the download out of frustration. May be the gaming companies are increasing the file size to stop piracy. ha ha

Now where I work have a 4mbps leased line and I get 500 kb/s download speed. And I am bored of downloading. Even songs. Original CDs sound much nicer. Movie DVDs have sorround sound. Gaming not enjoyable since I have a 17" square screen.
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